Spring, warm and cold, based on the long-term, for the future

In winter, there is still some cold, but the birds on the branches, there is information of spring, occasionally a few birds broke the ice, and there is the sound of water in the ears.The smell of spring is intriguing.Spring smoke laugh grass gradually have vitality, spring rain spring little shop green, rippling waves of joy, spring breeze suddenly warm, everyone showed a smiling face.Everything is the joy of spring, a fresh landscape painting, accompanied by the light poetic imagination of flowers, the existence of a dream.After winter comes spring.”It’s the hardest time to relax when you’re cold and warm.Three cups and two weak wine are no match for him. The evening breeze is swift.”There are always too many disappointments in life, such as the chill in the spring breeze, which always makes people regret much more beautiful, but what is missing is not just a kind of strength and courage?Plum blossom incense comes from bitter cold, do not experience a few wind and rain, do not experience a few reversals of spring, always difficult to sit firmly spring branches of the bright and brilliant.A person living in the world, can have confusion, panic, sadness, obsession, all this process is actually a kind of heart experience, just to let you better understand the value and meaning of life.Life needs experience, do not abandon hope, do not lose yourself, do not live up to the time, do not live up to the ideal, only the heart filled with thousands of beautiful, can be feasible to the mountains and rivers, sit to see the clouds.Life needs to bear, suitable for their own needs to run in and find, there is always a kind of beauty in the world, there is always a life, said to belong to their own, although not the best, but, it is the most suitable.Life is not perfect and contentment, do not envy, do not compare, do not envy, do not insist, is happiness and perfection.The ups and downs of life, drift from place to place, life each has a boat, life each has a ferry, seriously do a good happy person.All sentient beings are walking between gain and loss. If they can’t get something, they always worry about it. If they get something, they don’t know how to cherish it.As two people’s feelings, for a long time, there will be tired, doubt together, lost and unwilling, all his life, lingering entanglement, but also little regret.”Water does not compete, contend is the flow.”What this requires is a lasting beauty. The more emotionally intelligent a person is, the less he or she will fight for the gains and losses of the day.World affairs irregular change, everything needs to come slowly, slow cook time, not urgent not impetuous, treat life with an ordinary heart, treat feeling, impatient eat not hot tofu, only put down greed and demanding, the beautiful ability that you want will be as scheduled and come.Quiet and do not fight, do not fight not rob, simple life, quiet is good, not urgent not impatient, calm face is good.Heart is simple, the world is simple;Complex heart, complex world.Simplicity brings peace, complexity brings restlessness.Pleasure comes from simple mood, pain comes from complex desire.The joy of life, to experience the heart to feel, the world of mortals rolling, we are travelers is also a traveler.No one is sure, tomorrow will not see the rising sun, today will not encounter those unhappy things, let life stop at the station of each season, enjoy the life put down, enjoy the scenery now.No matter how tomorrow, according to their own way of life, whether sad or happy, are their own should strive to face.The people we meet and the things we have done in our lives are arranged by the years. We do not need to resist and be grateful. Even if we do not know each other, even if life is occasionally a little cool.Fortunately, the world is multifarious, life ups and downs, we will not give up, no matter how the four seasons toss and turn, bump into bump is inevitable, wish our rest of life, still can calmly, life is sunny.Wave your hand, say goodbye to the past, adapt to the change of the season, follow the pace of life, to the beautiful future.At the beginning of the New Year, it is also a new beginning, let us not fight not grab, not anxious not impatient, can be happy and happy every day.Zi Mo is looking forward to sharing with you. Thank you for reading!No use without permission.Original text, infringement shall be prosecuted.

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