Honghu city has invested 61 million yuan in the renovation and reinforcement of river channels and dangerous sections of embankments

In order to ensure the safety of flood control, Honghu city recently invested 61 million yuan, the implementation of emergency rectification project and honghu surrounding embankment flood emergency rescue project, renovation and reinforcement of river, embankment dangerous work dangerous section.According to reports, after the catastrophic flood in 2020, the embankment of honghu surrounded by many damage, coupled with perennial honghu Lake wind and waves invasion, part of the embankment collapse danger.The Honghu municipal government invested 17.5 million yuan to implement the flood emergency rescue project for embankments surrounding dikes in Honghu, involving yangchai Lake embankment in Luoshan Town, Bindou Lake embankment in Binhu Street, Tanzi River embankment in Shakou Town and Liukou Embankment.At the same time, Honghu city invested 435076 million yuan emergency rectification project has also started, including the demolition and reconstruction of Caoshi Zhanma zha, the renovation of Caijia River embankment, 6 cross slope renovation and other projects.It is understood that at present, the construction units have entered the site of construction, is expected to complete all the rectification tasks by the end of April.

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