Focusing on “second industry development”, Fujian’s industrial economy will get off to a good start!

Editor’s note: At the beginning of the New Year, the whole province is making all-out efforts to implement the work arrangements of the provincial Party Committee and government, promote the economic work of the province to get off to a good start, and strive to ensure a “good start” in the first quarter.In order to better publicize the new vitality and new power displayed by all walks of life in Fujian, and encourage and inspire the whole province to strive for a new journey with confidence, the Provincial Cyberspace Affairs Office, together with the central Fujian news website and the provincial key news website, has launched a series of reports on “a good start in 2022”, in order to keep Fujian’s economy stable and make progress while maintaining stability.Open a new bureau to create a good atmosphere of online public opinion.On January 5, Xiamen launched 132 major projects with a total investment of 115.1 billion yuan.On January 10, the 2022 Investment Promotion Conference of Zhangzhou city was held. A total of 187 projects were signed with a total investment of 118.35 billion YUAN.Recently, Quanzhou Development and Reform Commission issued a notice, strive to complete the first quarter of quanzhou key projects investment of more than 45 billion yuan……Blow the horn, beat the drum, prepare for battle and show the banner!At the beginning of the New Year, all the districts and cities in Fujian have made all-out efforts to boost the “good start” of the first quarter of the industrial economy with the attitude of “sprint at the beginning and decisive battle at the beginning”, striving for “red quarterly” and “red year”.Draw key points and set goals to open a new bureau in 2022 province’s industry and information work video conference site.On January 12, a video conference was held in Fuzhou to summarize the work in 2021, analyze the current situation and deploy the key work in 2022.The meeting pointed out that in 2021, Fujian’s industrial operation will show a steady trend of strengthening and improving.According to statistics, in 2021, fujian’s industrial production recovered steadily, with the added value of the province’s industrial enterprises above designated size increasing by 9.9% year on year, over 80% of industries maintaining growth, and over 60% of product output increasing.Focus, set goals, review the past, look to the future.Ministry hall meeting emphasized that in 2022, the ministry adhere to seek improvement in stability work in total tone, complete, accurate, comprehensive implementation of new development concept, services and integrated into the new development pattern, focusing on “secundiparity into”, highlight the quality first, efficiency first, do bigger and stronger optimal manufacturing industry as the focus of insist for a long time to work, the steady growth in the industry is the most important position,We should speed up the development of strong strengths, strengthen weak areas, expand domestic demand, expand markets and create brands, and seize the favorable service environment. We should constantly expand industrial clusters, strengthen leading enterprises, improve product quality, and speed up the construction of a strong province with advanced manufacturing.The platform interface of “New Time and Space of the Party and Government · Government-enterprise Direct Train” is running steadily through multiple measures to strengthen services.On January 27, Fujian province held a video conference to promote the pilot project of intelligent policy matching for enterprises, and vigorously promoted the “policy cloud matching” service function in the platform of “New Time and Space of Party and Government · Government-Enterprise Through Train”.”We should continue to optimize the service function of ‘policy cloud distribution’, so that enterprises can ‘click directly’ all favorable policies, realize the transformation from ‘enterprises looking for policies’ to’ policies looking for enterprises’, and explore the value of favorable policies to the greatest extent.”Wu Tianfu, deputy director of fujian Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, stressed at the meeting.It is reported that “policy cloud distribution” tool through big data processing, analysis, to generate corporate portraits, can achieve intelligent matching enterprise policies.At present, “policy cloud distribution” has been configured with 53 provincial huiqi policies, since the trial operation of more than 3 months, a total of more than 30,000 times matching huiqi policies, the majority of enterprises in the pilot area praise, to promote the first quarter “steady door” and “good start” to send dongfeng.To promote a “good start” in the first quarter, we not only need to adopt multiple measures to “do real work” to “benefit” enterprises, but also need to implement “real money and silver” awards and subsidies.At the end of last year, Fujian introduced seven measures to ensure the stable operation of industrial production in the first quarter of 2022.In accelerating project construction to promote industrial investment, promoting high-quality development of enterprises, ensuring stable employment of enterprises, the implementation of short-cycle power direct trading and other seven aspects of the introduction of strong policies, to ensure that the whole year of our province to achieve a good start.In encouraging industrial enterprises to increase production and efficiency,Fujian Province proposes to give graded rewards to manufacturing enterprises above designated scale whose gross industrial output value in the first quarter of 2022 is not less than 50 million yuan (sanming, Nanping, Longyan and Pingtan are not less than 30 million yuan) and whose gross industrial output value in the first quarter of 2022 has a year-on-year growth rate of 6% or more and an increment of 5 million yuan or more.In terms of ensuring stable employment of enterprises, key enterprises that actively take measures to stabilize the workforce and maintain continuous production during the Spring Festival can be given one-time stable employment awards and subsidies.Fujian around have responded to the policy has issued awards and subsidies: Quanzhou 1000 yuan/person, Pingtan 600 yuan/person, Ningde, Zhangzhou 500 yuan/person, Xiamen 100 yuan/day · person……Nanping, Pingtan and Longyan will give the intermediary agencies (or individuals) one-time labor service awards and subsidies of 200-500 yuan per person according to the number of imported labor force respectively;Zhangzhou city will give a holiday subsidy of 1000 yuan to each migrant worker who stays in Zhangzhou for the Spring Festival and receives full salary in February.Putian city provides a subsidy of 1000-2000 yuan to the manufacturing enterprises in accordance with their educational background.Fuzhou:Construction of “344” Industrial System strive to achieve the total industrial output value of 1.6 trillion Yuan, The General Office of The Fuzhou Government recently issued the “Fuzhou 14th Five-year” Industry and Information Industry Development Special Planning “, proposed that during the “14th Five-year” period,Fuzhou strives to achieve 1.6 trillion yuan of industrial output value above designated level and 35% of industrial added value of strategic emerging industries above designated level.During the same period, Fuzhou will promote the “142” industrial system to “344” industrial system, that is, focus on the development of electronic information, new chemical materials, textile and chemical fiber three leading industries, foster and strengthen software information, new energy, high-end equipment, biological medicine four emerging industries, optimize and upgrade the four basic industries metallurgy, building materials, food, light industry.It is a key project to surpass high-quality industrial development and promote innovative, green and low-carbon industrial development.Recently, the bohai steel pipe photovoltaic project of State Energy (Lianjiang) Port Power Co., LTD., the first off-site distributed photovoltaic project jointly developed by the central enterprises in Lianjiang County of Fuzhou, successfully connected to the grid and generated electricity, with an estimated annual output of 5.8 million KWH.With a total investment of 24.9 million yuan, the project adopts the electricity consumption mode of “self-use and surplus electricity to go online”. The roof area is 54,700 square meters, and 11,032 mono-crystal silicon photovoltaic modules are distributed. The construction capacity is about 5.957 MEGAwatts, and the average annual saving is about 1,778 tons of standard coal.Reducing carbon dioxide emissions by 4,862 tons, sulfur dioxide by 1.08 tons and nitrogen oxide by 1.13 tons.The grid-connected power generation marked the smooth operation of the photovoltaic project with the largest single installed capacity in Lianjiang County, and further development of green, low-carbon and clean energy transformation in Lianjiang County.Bohai Steel pipe photovoltaic project of State Energy (Lianjiang) Port Power Co., LTD.As one of the country’s first 50 5G commercial pilot cities, but also the livelihood of China’s manufacturing industry, in recent years, Quanzhou city has accelerated the construction of “5G+ industrial Internet” to promote the transformation of traditional manufacturing industries.”The main problems faced by the traditional ceramic manufacturing industry include heavy manual handling, inefficient equipment management, manual quality control and wasteful energy consumption.”According to the relevant person in charge of Jiumu Group Fujian Fine Porcelain Technology Co., LTD., through the use of 5G+ industrial Internet, the production efficiency of the enterprise is increased by 35%, energy consumption per unit output value is reduced by 7%, operating costs are reduced by 8%, and non-performing cost rate is reduced by 5%.”5G+ Industrial Internet” can effectively improve the efficiency of industrial production. Quanzhou Industry and Information Technology Bureau proposed in its work ideas in 2022 that it should adhere to digital empowerment and promote the intelligent development of industry.Throughout the year, we will strive to promote more than 120 digital production lines, build more than 15 digital workshops, build more than 10 enterprise digital pilot demonstration projects, 1-2 industrial Internet platforms, add 5 industrial APPS, and promote 1000 enterprises to go on the cloud platform.Jiumu Yongchun ceramic 5G wisdom cloud lighthouse factory.On January 23rd, representatives of sanming delegation attended the sixth meeting of the 13th People’s Congress of Fujian Province, and made suggestions and suggestions about the “good start” of the first quarter.”During the Spring Festival, Sangang group will speed up the transformation of traditional industries and high-quality development to ensure a ‘good start’ in accordance with the requirements of 100% full capacity operation of production lines and non-stop construction projects.”Li Lizhang, chairman of Fujian Sangang Group, spoke.According to reports, during the “14th five-year plan”, Sangang group will invest more than 20 billion yuan, the implementation of green low-carbon, digital transformation and product structure adjustment, the cultivation of emerging industries and a large number of technical transformation and construction upgrading projects.At the beginning of the New Year, a number of projects have been completed, such as large-scale coking, ultra-low emission coking, h-shaped steel production line construction, smart metallurgy, large-scale pre-iron equipment, PVDF new fluorine materials and other projects have started or will start construction.At the same time, the president of Fujian Mingyi Ecological Nutrition Co., LTD. Lin Qiang and other enterprise representatives have responded to the government’s call to “stabilize production and employment, encourage enterprises and projects not to stop production and stop work during the Spring Festival”.In addition, according to Lin Qiang, this year’s mingxin product series will be introduced to the national market, the annual output value is expected to reach more than four times last year, the output value of more than 1 billion yuan.Internal steelmaking furnace of Fujian Sansteel.Fujian three steel map old year has been shown thousands of heavy brocade New Year more into 100 feet rod journey thousands of miles of cloud Peng ju, Benedict force vigorous renewed.In the New Year, Fujian’s industrial economy will continue to play the role of “ballast stone”, strive to build a strong advanced manufacturing province, strive to achieve “a good start in the first quarter, a good result in the second quarter, a stable situation in the third quarter, and full momentum in the fourth quarter”!Source: China Economic Net
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