Xiamen city leaders visited the new airport area to visit the frontline construction workers

January 28 — Xiamen Daily reported yesterday morning, Wei Keliang, chairman of the Municipal CPPCC and the first deputy commander of the municipal Airport area headquarters, led a team to xiamen new airport area to investigate the Spring Festival project, visit the builders staying in xiamen for the New Year, and extend New Year’s greetings.Huang Yantian, deputy mayor and executive deputy commander-in-chief of the airport area headquarters, participated in the investigation and condolence activities.Wei Kelang and his delegation came to the construction site, talked with the front-line builders, and sent them daily necessities, grain and oil and other New Year’s consolation materials.Wei Kelang pointed out that xiamen’s new airport area has entered a critical stage of full construction, and everyone has bravely assumed responsibilities and overcome difficulties, working day and night on the project construction front line, making contributions to xiamen’s economic and social development.Relevant departments and construction units should be strict and meticulous in work safety, epidemic prevention and control, reasonable scheduling, orderly construction, and thoughtful service guarantee and humanistic care for the building builders.Wei Keliang emphasized that the construction of the new airport is the development of our city high quality an important link, according to the provincial party committee’s deployment, the municipal party committee to implement all the work requirements, improve the political stance, strengthen the construction of the new airport in the sense of responsibility and urgency, go all out to struggle, to ensure that finished products and peace projects, demonstration projects, clean engineering.(Reporter Xie Jiadi correspondent Lin Jianglin)

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