My three-year-old grandson likes to eat spareribs with rice

Today (January 30th) I see the child, Qingdao unit today holiday, I went to the funeral home early in the morning to worship the parents, and then go home to see the grandchildren, let the third sister go home!Time passed quickly, it was time for lunch, sun Tzu likes to eat spareribs and rice, I ordered Wan Hechun’s spareribs and rice, but it was too fast, 15 minutes after the order was delivered!Today, I ordered a classic three-piece spareribs with rice, a tiger skin egg and a plum bone, but I still ordered too many. One plum bone and tiger skin egg was enough for the three of us, but the three-piece one was not eaten!Usually I eat pickled cabbage fish and other casserole, rarely eat sparerib rice, also did not count, all left!Eat for the evening!My 3 year old grandson loves pork chop soup. I’m afraid he doesn’t want to take much of it. He likes meat the most.

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