How much grace in the heart, how much blessing in life

The classics say: all the dharma is born from the heart, the heart has no birth, the dharma has no residence.The heart is the root of everything, and each of us should have good thoughts, contentment and gratitude.Everything is by heart, how much grace in the heart, how much blessing in life!Good people, their own good karma, so will attract more good people in the side, in order to often help, everything goes well.Because good, so lucky.To be a man, do not take evil as a small thing, do not take good as a small thing.Life, there is no cause and effect without a reason, all the good luck, are planted by their own good.God will never mistreat everyone’s kindness, don’t be discouraged as good luck as others, all good things are on the way.Life, everywhere cause and effect.What is good and what is good is what you deserve.Your kindness is the luck of your life!

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