After China’s women’s soccer team trounced Vietnam, China Central Television refused to live broadcast the game, but the two major platforms charged for the game

China beat Vietnam 3-1 in the Asian Women’s Cup quarterfinals last night to advance to the semi-finals against Japan.King frost also appeal to kick the game as the final, however, China’s play the game in Vietnam has caused great controversy, that is incredibly don’t live, CCTV and other platform also charge, that some are not satisfied, the net friend bristle, how to look at this thing, can leave a message in the comments section below to tell your choices, thank you.In yesterday’s match, China conceded the first goal in the 11th minute when Yang Lina made a mistake in clearing the ball and allowed her opponent to score from a distance from the penalty area.Wang shuang equalized in the 24th minute and added two assists in just two minutes of the second half for Wang Shanshan and Tang Jiali to complete a 3-1 women’s comeback.It is worth mentioning that China also scored four goals in the game, that is a total of seven goals, but the other four goals were disallowed by the referee, three of them were offside, according to the slow motion replay, wang Shuang on the body, and there was solid evidence.However, there was one ball that caused a lot of controversy. China’s Wang Xiaoxue did not collide with the goalkeeper, but was pushed by a Vietnamese player behind her. As a result, the referee called for the collision and Yang Lina did not score.It was a great game, but fans across the country were not able to watch it live, only the highlights, which left many fans dealing with their anger.Such an important day, on the eve of the year, CCTV didn’t arrange the game live but put some highlights of Olympic projects, and it makes some people can’t stand, a lot of fans in the social media sympathized CCTV’s inaction, in addition, to get the copyright of the platform is directly as a fee, that is to let some people speechless, many fans have said propaganda,Next Chinese New Year’s day broadcast national football match, you dare to charge?After all, the attention of Chinese women’s football is far less than that of men’s football. As a result, such an important match of Women’s football is not broadcast for free, but broadcast for a fee. I wonder whether it is good or bad for the development of women’s football.

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