A car to earn more than two or three hundred steel transport, Master Liu only choose Auman heavy truck

“Remember the last two years, that time because of the car problem, resulting in New Year’s Eve in the service area.This year, I changed this Auman GTL. I was not afraid of problems on the road, so I finally went home earlier.””As we all know, Hebei is a big industrial province, so the steel transportation here is very developed, especially near my home. Steel transportation is almost the first choice of most of us truck drivers because of stable supply, fast cash return and close to home.”The speaker is Liu Zhaohui, a logistics veteran from Hebei province. With more than ten years of experience in the logistics industry, he is quite knowledgeable in the steel transportation field and also shares some of his own freight stories.”I learned how to drive when I was a soldier, and I got my driver’s license at that time.I came back from the army young enough to support my family, but I picked up the skills I learned in the army and became a truck driver.”Speak of his line into the experience, the chef, who spoke with a lot of people are not the same as the answer, from rural liu’s teacher talk about this more than ten years’ experience with a freight, spoke these words: “I think driving is really changed my life, because my home is in the countryside,, there is no culture since childhood, is the truck took me see the outside world, also let me find the meaning of life.”At the beginning of the New Year, Liu, 43 years old, said: “The New Year has a new atmosphere and the New Year is coming. I hope I can make more money. My son will soon graduate and I need to save money to buy a house for him in the county.”Master Liu’s desire to speak out the aspirations of most fathers, and can let him have the confidence to achieve their aspirations, is the hand of the Auman heavy card.For the second day of the year to run out live master Liu, start with Auman heavy card is his most happy thing, not only strong power, and comfort is very high.”Steel transport is mainly the following road, compared with the high-speed, the road is more complex, the road potholes can not avoid, before driving a whole day down like broken waist.But since I switched to the Auman GTL, I don’t feel tired driving all day, and the sleeper is wide enough to make sleeping in the car feel like sleeping in my bed at home.”After finishing these, Master Liu also told auman to bring him a surprise.”In fact, I didn’t drive Aoman’s car before, but many friends around me drive Aoman’s car, and the number of cars in our village is also very large.Transfer at the time when try holding the mentality of the GTL taiwan-eu man, don’t change don’t know a change a fright, GTL after I start the car only to find the man than I used to drive the car nearly 200 kg, lower weight of simple I calculated that the difference of weight of each trip to be sent a wupan, no wonder everyone likes to use the man.””In addition to low dead weight, the car fuel consumption is also very let me satisfied, Europe’s low fuel consumption is recognized in the industry, my car is not working out as fellow countryman fuel consumption of it before, but want to know his car completed the running-in, car running in getting better now, also more and more fuel-efficient, let me income is becoming more and more hopeful about the future.”Auman GTL with excellent quality and excellent performance, win master Liu highly recognized, become his right-hand man to make money.Auman will also launch better products in the future, but also will become more card friends trust partners!

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