76 design agencies went crazy!It is the fiercest competition in Shenzhen

76 design institutions bid, and the prize money is nearly 20 million!Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base Urban design competition can be said to be a “luxurious feast” attended by top firms.Shenzhen Bay Super Headquarters Base (SHENZHEN Super Headquarters Base for short), with a total land area of 117.40 hectares, is positioned as a world-class coastal city skyline.A total of 76 design firms (consortials) signed up for this competition, including MDRDV, Miralles Taglieabue EMBT, Massimiliano Fuksas, LAB, TFP, Henning Larsen, NikkenSekkei, CUBE,QUAD extension building design, etc.The judges are alessandro Chellapolo, Meng Jianmin, Meng Yan, Qiu Weiyang, Bian Shiwen, Fujimoto Sou Suke and Yim Xunqi.Its planning requirements are: world vision, international standards, Chinese characteristics, high point positioning.After some fireworks, by shenzhen cooper architectural design firm co., LTD. + the ‘wooden Ding Jianzhu firm co., LTD., a consortium of super cross hkbu, shenzhen urban planning design and research institute co., LTD. + the melon, al, architects association “super habitat” scheme, Denmark “millennium city” scheme of HLA architecture firm in the top three.Champions “cross” super solution window scheme for the first time the concept of “sharing, interactive” throughout the shenzhen bay super headquarters base function layout, form the public landscape axis and what public culture axis of cross intersection, enriched ultra deep overall space form, also increased the deep in excess of the total energy level of imagination.In addition, there are three highlights in the design: 1) The design of hyperrail transit hub connects the high-speed rail hub with the reserved harbor deep undersea passage, so that the tunnel can be connected with the sea and land more conveniently, so that the regional and global facilities can be seamlessly connected, and the industrial development can be accelerated.2) The central Waterfront Green Axis design team established the central Green Axis, connecting oct Wetland and Shenzhen Bay two water systems.At the same time, the central waterfront area is made into the largest park in the area, and water resources permeate it.In addition, the design team will create a waterfront landscape promenade on the green Axis, so that residents or employees can better engage in water-friendly activities.3) Air Corridor The design team built an air corridor to connect the rooftops of low-rise buildings, creating an internal pedestrian transportation system exclusive to the super headquarters base, increasing the communication between enterprises, and creating a good view of the landscape.Finally, the scheme won high marks from the judges for its innovative concept and unique function positioning.Have you noticed that the optimization of transportation system is a key point in the “super Cross” project, especially for the super city?Let’s take a look at a new mode that’s been popular in the last two years — MOD mode.Compared to TOD’s traditional approach, MOD focuses more on the balanced development of all modes of transportation.After mass transportation is realized by rail transit, the attributes of public transportation should be given full play, and zero-carbon transportation such as walking and cycling can be converted at the same level, making it more flexible and convenient.In the design, the following four aspects are generally considered: 1) The main plane frame formed by the interweaving of multiple types of traffic. At the same time of the integrated development of the station and city, the coexistence of multiple modes of transportation should be considered, and the key of the bus station should be emphasized and the overall analysis should be carried out.Introduce as many bus routes as possible, and closely connect with the surrounding business district, residential area and other functional areas.Generally speaking, the shared atrium or overhead corridor will be used as the conversion core to realize the free transformation of various transportation forms such as rail, bus and walking, and organize into a flexible multi-floor transportation network.3) Functional space form of multi-format distribution Set up different format areas in the site, which can effectively divide the stay of different groups of people, so as to relieve the huge flow of people at the track site.At the same time, these formats also need to communicate with each other, and through the traffic conversion system.4) Indoor scene of multi-dimensional information flow With the support of new technology, the efficiency of stay and transfer of buses and private cars will be greatly improved.People can quickly obtain the location and duration of the vehicle through the mobile APP, so as to leave more time for consumption and entertainment in the station.At the same time, the interior space will also change according to the different users, and further enrich the format.For example: large indoor space can hold press conference, flash and other activities on specific dates.For the first and second tier cities, traffic can be said to be one of the key urban design considerations, and new traffic modes like MOD can be further understood.Of course, industrial layout and ecological functions also need to be considered.Finally, we have compiled a set of shenzhen Design competition text collection for you, including the works of many top firms, including urban design and park planning, hoping to help you!001 design weather observatory, widely loved by young designers after 90 design black technology platform.The whole network of the latest architecture/landscape/planning/interior design resources, knowledge dry goods, let you come home loaded.If you like design, please pay attention to us.

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