“Yuen Wing Yee” and Zhang Zhilin walk through the airport, wearing a cowboy coat like a young man, which looks like 50 years old?

Yuen Wing yi but in the entertainment circle famous big sister, she dare to say dare to do countless personality circle powder.But in fact, she is still very down-to-earth in daily life, very like a big sister next door feeling, will not use too gorgeous clothes to dress up themselves, but still can show extraordinary aura.Say star is choosing dress respect so, have a lot of place that is worth us to learn, even if it is simple design also can make a not general modelling.If we want to be as neat as her, check out the following combinations.”Yuen Wing Yee” and Zhang Zhilin walk through the airport, wearing a cowboy coat like a young man, which looks like 50 years old?Analysis of modelling of cow-puncher coat: this cow-puncher coat and our common cow-puncher coat is not quite the same, did not go up with cow-puncher blue, however confluence pure white, very clean and relaxed.Denim fabric can modify body shape very well, and because of its hard material, the modification effect on body shape is particularly obvious.If cougars want to look younger, they can do it on a daily basis.We do not have to worry about white is a light color, Yuan Yongyi wearing white cowboy coat, is still full of energy, short version of the whole person looks more spirit.Although the style of Oversize is very popular in recent years, if we are not very tall, it is easy to make the whole person look dull when matching. A shorter design can not only show the length of legs, but also better show the temperament.Pair loose black trousers with a white denim jacket for a bit of color contrast.In fact, many girls are very confused when choosing pants.Because not everyone can have slender straight legs, at this time we try to match a little looser design, block the problem on the leg shape.In fact, such pants are not easy to look fat, try the design of high waist, visually can make the lower body proportion appear better.It is well known that Yuan Yongyi likes to buy bags very much, and what she matches this time is a very atmospheric pure black bag, the capacity is relatively large, very suitable for daily travel when carrying, not only can concave modelling, but also can receive a lot of things.A bag like this can be worn with a number of looks without being out of place.If girls want to make the most of their bags, they can imitate Yuan yongyi and choose pure black leather fabric.Dress with pure white dress is very advanced beauty, in some fashion occasions can also choose such clothes.Is not the color more rich modelling more exaggerated ability colourful pressure group fang, put on such a skirt, Yuan Yongyi whole person is sending out the breath of goddess.Skirt drapery is very good, not only can walk in the process of more elegant beauty, but also can very good body modification, add soft breath.The dress is a long design, so it is recommended to match high heels, and it will be more convenient to control.The V-neck design can be worn with a bold necklace without looking too empty.Shirt with white shirt is very suitable for daily leisure choice, in the spring, if we want to match a high-level sense of strong modeling, you can learn from Yuan Yongyi to choose white shirt, the top several buttons open, more free and easy beauty, so collocation will not let a person feel too dull.The perfect combination of dress and blouse, a dress like this can be picked up for any occasion.A pure white shirtdress can be worn on its own or as a top, but it is recommended to opt for a shirtdress that incorporates a waist tuck and Outlines the waistline.Unlike the last shirt dress, which was pure white, this one is made of dark brown leather fabric, which makes it look more distinctive, and the combination of brown and white has a high aesthetic feeling.The long shirtdress incorporates a slit on the front to show off the legs while walking. Paired with high boots, it looks cool and soughy.How can a cougar’s wardrobe be without a proper suit?But if you want to show off your femininity, go beyond just plain colors.For example, Yuan Yongyi this time collocation is relatively light saturation of red plaid suit, not only has a very good whitening effect, but also let her color look very great.This suit can be buttoned up to outline the waist, if it is a high class occasion, try not to wear the suit open, it will be a little too casual.The bottom half, with pure white pants, blends well with the red suit without making the color too loud.Yuan wing yi is full of the aura of a big woman, but her choice of clothes for their own or very decent, can show the calm charm of this age.Want to walk cougar route, and hope dress can highlight the word of temperament, so the small skill of this collocation can learn to rise.Statement: Original text, pictures from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you./ 2

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