Story: A 19-year-old woman went up a mountain and met a monk who took her to the depths of the mountain

Li Xiuqin is a 19-year-old woman.One morning she crept up the hill alone.Soon after she went up the mountain, she met a monk who was collecting herbs.Li Xiuqin said to the monk, “Brother Hill, I really like you, but my parents forced me to marry the rich man of the town, Wu Youcai, my mother said, if I don’t marry Wu Youcai, she will jump into the river, I have no choice, just agreed to marry Wu Youcai.Unexpectedly, after I told you that I was going to marry Wu Youcai, you became a monk in a temple on the mountain the next day. Little hill brother, why do you do this again?”It turned out that the monk’s name was Li Xiaoshan. He and Li Xiuqin both lived in Li Jia Village. They were childhood friends.Suddenly, one morning, the town’s rich man Wu Youcai suddenly came to Li Xiuqin’s home.He said to Li Xiuqin’s father Li Daegeun and mother Zhao Cuihua, “I have a fancy for your daughter, and I want to marry her as a second wife. You can rest assured that if she marries me, I will not treat her unfairly, and of course I will not treat you unfairly. Today I have come to propose marriage, especially to bring you 2,000 ounces of silver.”Wu Youcai finish, take out a 2000 two silver ticket to Zhao Cuihua.To be honest, lee dae-geun and Cho Cui-hwa had never seen so much money before, so their eyes lit up when they saw the 2,000-liang bill.”We agree to marry our daughter to you,” Zhao cuihua told Wu.Wu Youcai said: “So, I now go home to decorate, and then let the housekeeper write invitations, half a month later, I and your daughter married.”Wu Youcai finish, left Li Xiuqin’s home.Li Xiuqin returned home, that her parents will marry her to Wu Youcai, immediately began to cry, she cried, while saying, she will not marry Wu Youcai.Zhao cuihua said, “Xiuqin, if you don’t marry Wu Youcai, I will jump into the river and kill myself.”In the evening, Li Xiuqin found Li Xiaoshan and said to Him, “Xiaoshan, I’m going to marry Wu Youcai.”Then, she will Wu Youcai to her home for marriage, then Zhao Cuihua threatened her to marry Wu Youcai told Li Xiaoshan.The next morning, Li Xiaoshan quietly went to the temple on the mountain to become a monk.Li Xiaoshan is the only one in his family. His parents died three years ago, so he went up to the mountain to become a monk, and no one stopped him.At the moment, Li Xiaoshan listened to Li Xiuqin and said, “If you really like me, come with me to the depths of the mountains and we will live a secluded life together.”Li Xiuqin thought for a moment and then said, “Xiao Shan, I’ll go with you to the deep mountains.”Two hours later, Li Xiaoshan took Li Xiuqin to a valley in the depths of the mountain.Next, they began to build straw houses in the valley.After they built the hut, they lived in the hut.The following year, Li Xiuqin gave birth to a son, li Xiaoshan named him Li Wenhai.When Li Wenhai was six years old, li Xiaoshan was bitten by a poisonous snake one morning when he was picking fruit on the mountain.He dragged himself back to the hut and said to Her, “Xiuqin, I have been bitten by a poisonous snake and I cannot live. When I die, you can take your son home with you.”A short time later, Li Xiaoshan died.Li Xiaoshan died, Li Xiuqin buried his body, and then took Li Wenhai home.After Li Xiuqin returned home with Li Wenhai, li Dagen and Zhao Cuihua scolded.Two days later, Li Daegun and Zhao Cuihua advised Li Xiuqin to give Li Wenhai away.However, Li Xiuqin resolutely refused to send Li Wenhai.The next year, Li Xiuqin sent Li Wenhai to a private school in a neighboring village, while she went to a cloth shop in town to help the owner sell cloth.One afternoon, after a month of selling cloth for her boss, Wu came into the cloth shop and said to Her, “If you had married me, you would not have been like this.””My life is none of your business,” She said.Time goes by, unconsciously, Li Wenhai has been 18 years old.This year, Li Wenhai was admitted as a scholar.Li Xiuqin was very happy, she said to Li Wenhai: “Wen Hai ah, you should continue to study hard, for the future entrance examination.”Three years later, Li Wenhai really passed the exam.Li Wenhai in the exam, Li Dagen and Zhao Cuihua came to congratulate.They knew that if a scholar passed the juren examination, he could become an official.A few years later, Li Wenhai went to the capital to take the examination, the results of the jinshi.Before long, he went to a county as a magistrate.After three months, he returned to his hometown to pick up Li Xiuqin and Li Dagen Zhao Cuihua.

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