How can you benefit from your success

No matter how big your dreams are, no matter how big your goals are, no matter what you want, there are so many people who will benefit from achieving your dreams or goals.What you need to do is talk to them carefully about how they can benefit from your success.What you need to do is show everyone around you how to benefit from your success.Your employees, your customers, anyone around you.Let any one around you, in your dreams or achieve benefit of yiwu stadium director said, I have a lot of cadres, a lot of some of the great man, and took all the hands of his tickets, you took 80 pieces, you took 50, you took 200 copies, they actually have the ability to sell, but they are not hard.Give them 20% of the commission, the director of the industrial and commercial bureau, the director of the stadium they have so many tickets, they could easily sell them, but he never sold them, why?He didn’t tell him to give him a 20% cut.20% is invalid.I said 80% of them, call these people.I’m going to change my mind. 20% for me, 80% for you.You know what?The directors, the curators, they get calls and they say, why didn’t you say so?Do you understand?Every single person around you in this world has a lot to benefit from when you achieve your dreams or goals.Your job is not to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.One thing you need to do is talk to people around you about how you can benefit from your success.Tell someone what their dream is to achieve your dream.You have to take a careful line. You have to tell him that helping others is helping yourself.Any one around you are willing to help you, no one around you has the ability to help you, but, why they didn’t help you, because they don’t find help you train of thought, they don’t know how to help you, they don’t know what way to help you, he don’t know what are the prospects after help you?He doesn’t see a future with you, yes or no.Your job is not to follow your dreams and achieve your goals.One thing you need to do is talk to people around you about how you can benefit from your success.As a business owner, you have to think about the future of your employees, the future of your customers, the future of the people around you.You need to tell him that helping you is helping yourself.Yes or no.So the next is that hunan company that employee, I pay his salary in advance, he will benefit in advance, so he will work hard in advance.So a lot of people, anyone around you including your clients, why didn’t your clients help you, because they didn’t know what the future was going to be?Yes or no.So, why do I have dozens of partners across the country is I told him carefully, not to help me, in fact, to help yourself.In 2008, I was an agent of others, because they only gave me 20% to 30% commission, do you know?When they gave me these commissions, people were working hard, they were tired, they didn’t make any money, they were up and down.So I did so many agents outside, I flipped it, I said I’ll give you 70 percent, I’ll take 30 percent.I used to act as their agent and businessmen have become my agent, so you should carefully tell the people around you, you should not realize your dream, your dream should be other people’s dream step into,

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