CCB Huizhou: You come and I block

“Hello, may I ask what business you want to handle?”This day, the teller of business department of huidong branch of construction bank deals with business as usual, right now, a client wants to deal with personal information to perfect, not a meeting of kung fu, the business of this client has been done.”Your business is done. Do you need to do anything else?””No, thank you, BECAUSE I want to do credit quick loan just inform me to perfect personal information, now the loan’s poundage is very expensive oh.”Hear here, the counter staff immediately alert up: “wrong, construction bank credit quick loan is not poundage, you are looking for who deal with?”The customer immediately showed the wechat chat records to the counter staff, who immediately suspected that the customer was cheated, so they guided the customer to the account manager to ask the whole story.Originally, the customer received a phone a few days ago claiming to be the customer manager of the construction Bank, saying that the customer has a credit line can be used, but to collect 1/3 of the handling fee.Just the client is in need of funds, they believe it.During this period, the other party just called to ask whether the customer’s personal information was perfect. When the customer manager answered the phone and asked the other party what department and the employee number after the customer’s consent, the other party immediately hung up the phone.After being convinced of fraud, the account manager immediately directed the customer to report the fraud.”Thank you very much. If you hadn’t found out in time, we would have been fooled.””Never mind, the construction bank hui understands your credit loan is to have no guaranty to have no guaranty, apply for directly through mobile phone line can, support along with borrow along with return, press day plan interest, do not need any poundage completely.”

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