What to wear in spring?Suggest you prepare a few coats more, fashionable and versatile also look thin

Don’t wear anything blind in spring, because this is the best time for girls to show off their charm. Wearing anything random will only make you look less attractive.If you want to become a goddess, maybe you can prepare these coats.Whether it is a suit or a windbreaker, in fact, have their own advantages, wearing on the body is also pretty cover the flesh show thin.Spring is the season to wear all kinds of coats. If you like the cool wind, you can arrange the top and bottom leather coats. This leather coat is really stylish, which can reflect a cool style and show a strong aura.Black fur coat goes up tie-in black white stripe unlined upper garment, can reflect certain administrative levels feeling more, look still quite gentle.For a more casual look, the blogger chose a blue jean jacket that is simple and stylish. The key is that it can be romantic with a skirt and instantly enhance your feminine look.And then there are the most popular suits for women in the workplace. At work, most people wear a dress with a concave shape, like this blogger who chose this black suit.Mature and generous, be helpful for show thin show tall, suit collocation way also can save time, look especially harmonious.Brown suit on the body calm and atmospheric, this kind of coat can be said to be very noteworthy.After combining the skirt, it is more casual to enhance the feminine taste, and this suit with the same color looks very mature, daily collocation can also refer to.Wearing a suit with a T-shirt is fashionable and personalized, which is also worth having. For example, the following white T-shirt with a suit can reflect a mature charm. Moreover, the blogger wears loose jeans, which can further show a sense of leisure and look very simple.Or you can also use windbreaker to concave modeling, windbreaker wear will be a lot of leisure, of course, it can also mix and match a variety of different clothing inside, like the blogger below choose windbreaker with hoodie, so it will appear more hierarchical, white hoodie collocation is also more refreshing, will not feel heavy.Khaki windbreaker is gentle and intellectual to wear. This light khaki color can also reflect your charm, and it is very capable to match, combined with the denim shirt to wear inside, more with a full sense of layering.There are many different styles of trench coats. Apart from khaki, the black trench coat chosen by this blogger is also very suitable for everyday wear.Black trench coat is simple and low-key and fashionable, and the long trench coat is more conducive to cover up meat, small fat sister can be arranged.A trench coat can be worn in a million different ways, or you can pair it with wide-legged pants for a more minimalist look.The following blogger chose blue wide-leg pants with a trench coat, which is simple and casual, but the whole look is also loose clothing, which hides meat well.If you like to go gentle, you can wear a skirt, pleated skirt collocation gentle low-key and romantic.This long pleated skirt looks gentle, especially when paired with high heels.Some hipsters also change the material of the trench coat, and this one is made of leather, which is very special. This leather trench coat is very big on the body, it has a strong aura, and it’s very cool.When paired with jeans, the trench coat gives a more casual look, while the nine-part pants are more streamlined and less burdensome.If you want to look thin, you can also combine the waist design, like the belted trench coat below, which is absolutely necessary for little skeleton sister.The trench coat on the body is low-key and simple, and the design integrated with the waist can also reflect the slender figure. In addition, the blogger with ankle boots is conducive to increase height and look thin, and the aura looks very strong, which makes people envy.Whether it’s a blazer, a trench coat, or a variety of leather coats, it’s a great way to show off your cool style, make your outfit unique, and get off the streets.Statement: Original text, pictures from the Internet.If there is infringement, please contact us to delete, thank you.Article 9 /

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