Top with ice pier pier debut!Full set artificial diamond limited issue price of 2022 yuan

On February 14, 2022, a fully drilled ice block inlaid with artificial diamonds for the Beijing Winter Olympics is displayed in zhengzhou, Capital of Central China’s Henan Province.This metal diamond-inlaid ice block decoration is modeled after the three-dimensional model of Beijing Winter Olympics mascot Ice Block. It is cast by zinc-aluminum alloy. The body is filled with enamel paint and inlaid with artificial diamonds.It is understood that, at present, this only ice pier pier ornaments is the only sample of the country, will be in Zhengzhou Winter Olympics licensed merchandise retail stores on display for three days.After that, it will be released in a limited edition of 2,022 pieces, priced at 2,022 yuan each, with an undetermined release date.

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