The petite Tan Songyun put on the locomotive wind leather coat with trousers of the same color, the United States and Sa

Click on the word “blue” above the attention we petite girls want to wear out of temperament, the delicate brief paragraph sheet is tasted, especially black motorcycle jacket, although they are neutral, but the design of short paragraph can elevate a short girl waist line, and the characteristics of the black leather also can let a person look dashing and agile.For example, in tan Songyun’s latest private dress, she wore a leather jacket with the same color casual pants and snow boots. Wearing a dark blue baseball cap, she was very cool and confident.Tan Songyun wears this locomotive leather coat with double collar zipper slim design, short model can promote waist line, and along with the sex loose belt will be waist line further clear, while highlighting the cool sa with sexy modeling.In addition, the design of multiple pockets on both sides and hem, and the silver pocket zipper also play a role in brightening the leather coat.The short paragraph that builds black inside adds wool to make bottom unlined upper garment, use brown scarf to highlight administrative levels feeling, heat preservation is practical individual character vogue.Lower body tie-in black bundle foot pants, straight tube bundle foot design is not only classic but also very warm and generous, at the same time the leg is decorated very in place.Combined with a black leather biker jacket and a fleecy undercoat, the All Black outfit gives Tan a cool, stylish look.The red-and-black high-top snow boots seamlessly connect with the tight trouser legs, creating a simple yet stylish look.Tan Songyun’s motorcycle style leather coat matches the same color casual pants to wear and build a model, and provides a cool sa model for the petite girls. It is very high for reference, and you can try it at the end of spring and winter.Here is the beauty of life for young people to provide fashion information, today tan Songyun’s all Black private dress for everyone to share here, thank you for reading.Welcome everyone to pay attention to and leave a message, together with the New Year fashion dress.

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