Dongshan Street: The “bridgehead” for epidemic prevention and control

“Hello, please show me the health code, travel card, and scan the ‘place code’.”Recently, at the construction site of Dongsheng Home (phase IV social security housing), Dongshan Street, Yuhua District, Changsha city, the employees are lining up at the gate to take their temperature. The “Baymax” workers are scanning codes, registering and nucleic acid sampling in an orderly way. On the other side of the construction site, the workers are working in full heat…Luo Zhu, director of Dongshan Street Regional Construction Service Office, smiled with relief on his tired face when he saw the orderly epidemic prevention and control measures and the planned project progress.According to the relevant person in charge of the project, in order to do a good job in the construction work during the epidemic prevention and control period, the prevention and control headquarters of dongsheng Homeland Project has formulated a number of measures, and the current progress of the project is basically stable. It is expected to complete the main structure of the roof in August 2022, and reach the delivery conditions in July 2023.Dongshan street adjacent to the high speed rail station, located in the high iron core area and free trade area of hunan new, is in big demolition, development and construction period, facing a new round of COVID – 19 outbreak, dongshan street departments insist on the principle of epidemic prevention and control and economic development, two not mistake, through accurate scheduling, scientific arrangement, the implementation of the measures, to help enterprises to return to work and production,We will maintain order and stability in production and life.”Construction sites should be closed, carefully managed, nucleic acid screening should be carried out regularly, and land expropriation, demolition and project construction should be carried out in a steady and orderly manner on the premise of epidemic prevention and control.”On March 30, zhou Shaomin, secretary of the street Party Working Committee, put forward the requirements on the meeting of the expropriation and demolition work.In 2022, a total of 17 expropriation and demolition projects will be arranged in Dongshan Street, including 12 continuous demolition projects and 5 new projects. 33 houses will be demolished, covering an area of 473.77 mu, with an estimated land area of 2080.64 mu.In order to complete the task of expropriation and dismantlement in a high standard, high quality and high efficiency, the expropriation and dismantlement working group of each project is scheduled once a day, and every work such as “sunshine expropriation and dismantlement”, field investigation, policy explanation, publicity of three lists and case study is carried out in an orderly manner according to time.Party members and officials have taken the lead, acting as gatekeepers for epidemic prevention and control as well as “attack soldiers” for project recruitment and dismantment. Relevant district departments, streets and communities have worked together to fight the epidemic.They overcame many difficulties and sweat every inch of the land of the project, making great contributions to the development of the area.Not long ago, the last legal house of shanghai-Kunming high-speed Railway passenger special line project was demolished and fell to the ground, successfully realizing settlement and settlement, and setting a new speed of expropriation and demolition again and again.In order to help enterprises rescue and solve difficulties and promote high-quality development of the area, Dongshan Sub-district organizes all units under its jurisdiction to actively prevent epidemic while working safely.Help enterprises apply for “location code”, guide the control and elimination of red and yellow codes, arrange nucleic acid testing and other effective epidemic prevention measures, and comprehensively implement the work of “three help and three promotion”.Changtuo Park, Kaisa City Square, Jiabang Construction Group Co., LTD. Vanke Rail, Wanli Times, Xiangfu Road Bridge, Dongsheng Home (the fourth phase of social security housing), Xiamen Jiafa Jiuzhou Mission Hills, Xiamen Jiafa Jiuzhou, Xi and other projects are under construction in an orderly manner.At present, ten high-rise residential buildings and one commercial building of Dongsheng Home Project are under construction at the same time. The main part of the project maintains the construction speed of one floor per week with high quality and high efficiency to complete the project schedule. The actual output value of the project will be 220 million yuan in 2021, and the estimated output value will be 280 million yuan in 2022.The construction of Xiamen C&D Jiuzhou Mission Hills Project will be delisted and started in December 2021, and the civil construction part has been completed. The project is expected to achieve an output value of about 800 million yuan in 2022.Reporter Tang Jie source 丨 zone melting media center Correspondent li mei coordinating editor 丨 Tang Jie editor 丨 NingHui deputy editor on duty 丨 li lei is on duty editor 丨 bear the rain – END – | party convergence show bear outbreak, promote the development of hard as – OuZhi authority party organizations and the masses of party members and cadres in suzhou the yuhua district 2022-04-01 isolated point line scan:A “epidemic” birthday, two warm notes……2022-04-01 You see this article in · second, forwarding only 1 second yo ~

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