Cross-sectional | commissioning on the first day a success rate of four over one thousand I maotai, can eliminate internal loopholes in management?

New Yellow River reporter: Du Lin at 8:57 on March 31, some people in the crowd shouted “prepare”, according to the usual idea of grabbing goods, remind everyone to open I Maotai APP, waiting for the purchase.After 9:00, participate in the purchase of people found that the surrounding stores of Maotai liquor invested mostly in single digits, disappointed mood in the group filled the air: “about it, anyway, not in.”Two hours later, data released by kweichow Moutai’s official account showed that more than 2.29 million people and 6.22 million people participated in the booking service between 9 and 10 PM on March 31. The booking service covered 29 provinces and autonomous regions, and a total of 879 offline stores offered reservation service.Many applicants complained that the first day of moutai’s trial run was not enough and not sincere.Kweichow Moutai said the application used blockchain storage technology.According to the purchase results, 26,328 bottles of Moutai were released on the I Moutai APP on March 31, with a success rate of about four out of 1,000.On March 28, Kweichow Moutai officially announced the launch and trial operation of its digital marketing APP “I Moutai”.After its launch at 0 o ‘clock that day, it quickly became the top three free apps in AppStore. The next day, it ranked no. 1, and the ranking lasted until the press went to press.Eager subscribers tried to change the time of their mobile phones and check the available stores on Monday.Four products released by Kweichow Moutai are available for purchase: 53-degree 500ml Kweichow Moutai (Year of Ren Yin Hu), 53-degree 500ml Maotai 1935, 53-degree 375ml*2 (Year of Ren Yin Hu), and 53-degree 500ml Kweichow Moutai (treasure).At 9:00 on the 31st, the intuitive feeling of most applicants is disappointment.”A few bottles of each, and then tens of thousands of people in a few minutes.”Depending on their location, applicants try to piece together how much Moutai has been sold and how many people have ordered it: one Moutai outlet in Zhengzhou, for four bottles, has more than 50,000 reservations;At least seven or eight dealers in Beijing, each with 15 pieces of tiger grass and hundreds of bottles;There are almost 6 bottles per city in Guangdong, and the number of applicants has exceeded 10,000. Some stores even have 30,000 or 50,000 bottles.Nanjing Jiangdong North Road store put 4 bottles, by 9:04, more than 30,000 people have applied to buy.New Yellow River reporter’s actual experience found that at 9:21, Kweichow Moutai self-owned store in Longao North Road, Jinan city put 4 bottles of 500ml Kweichow Moutai liquor (Ren Yin Hu Year) with 53 degrees, and more than 60,000 people have applied for it.Many users ordered four wines at once.From the comparison of users, some third and fourth tier cities have fewer people applying for purchases, but the amount of stores and first-tier cities are similar, it seems that the success rate of subscription is higher.Most of the netizens in first-tier cities in the face of tens of thousands of people grab a few bottles of wine situation, intuitive feeling that the success of the purchase of hope is slim, “than the new shares are difficult to sign son”, “and like the lottery”, “comparable to buying a car lottery”.According to the official account of Kweichow Moutai, more than 2.29 million people and 6.22 million people applied for the products between 9 am and 10 am on Monday.”The number of releases was what I expected.The trial operation phase is mainly about testing, sorting out the normal operation of the platform and accumulating experience.”31 afternoon, Zhiquconsulting general manager, wine analyst CAI Xuefei told the new Yellow River reporters that considering the social attention of affordable Moutai is relatively high, the small batch is conducive to the normal operation of the early stage platform.In terms of the smoothness of software operation, apple phone users generally feel relatively smooth, while some Android phone users have encountered the problem of “GPS positioning failure”.There are also suggestions that the four baijiu orders on Moutai are not attractive enough to consumers.Some netizens are full of confidence in the APP. “As a mau fan, I can participate in it for free every day and learn some wine culture.” “In the future, it will definitely be more convenient for ordinary citizens to buy Moutai wine, after all, there is finally an official online channel.At 18:00, the purchase result was announced in I Maotai.53-degree 500ml Kweichow Moutai (Ren Yin Hu Year), priced at 2,499 yuan per bottle, was the most popular, with 8,934 bottles sold and 2,205,500 people subscribed.53 degrees 375ml*2 (Year of Yin hu of Ren Yin) was the largest, with a total of 13,492 bottles, and 1.367 million people subscribed.A total of 3,526 bottles of 53-degree 500ml Kweichow Moutai liquor (treasure) were sold, with 1,402,200 people applying for it.Only 376 bottles of 53 degrees 375ml*2 (year of Yin hu) were released, and 1,225,500 people subscribed.According to preliminary statistics, 26,328 bottles of Moutai APP were released on the first day of trial operation, with 6.22 million visits, and the average success rate was about four out of 1,000.Big squeeze “fry buy” space?This is the second time that Kweichow Moutai has launched an e-commerce platform. A few years ago, Kweichow Moutai wanted to take advantage of the development of the e-commerce industry to realize the digital transformation of its sales model.According to public reports, kweichow Moutai’s official mall and micro mall were launched in 2016 and entered into major third-party platforms.In 2017, The Moutai Cloud business platform was launched, requiring dealers to sell 30% of the contracted volume of Moutai liquor on the platform. If they fail to meet the standard, they will be proportionally deducted from the quota for the second year.From a practical point of view, it is difficult for most ordinary people to buy Moutai liquor on Moutai Cloud business.Moutai stopped selling them in 2019, during the same period that a number of top moutai e-commerce executives were transferred to judicial authorities for corruption.According to the official account of Kweichow Moutai, as a new channel of Moutai, “I Moutai” has changed the previous traditional service mode and adopted the linkage mechanism of online and offline, providing a safe and convenient new platform for consumers to buy wine and bringing moutai’s main products into thousands of households.On The 31st, some users asked, what is the rule of subscription?After the application results came out, I Moutai home page added a “blockchain lottery process introduction” entrance.”This is a new platform supported by cloud technology and blockchain technology.”Brand lab at this time, a senior researcher at Dai Shijin, according to the same APP platform, behind “I maotai”, to use more than ever, more data processing method, and the traditional electricity “spell hand speed” “spell wi-fi signals” is different, I maotai is block chain notarization technique and intelligent control technology risk, within the prescribed time to register to buy wine,Can be similar to the “lottery” way to obtain the opportunity to buy, greatly squeezed the “buy” space.Dai Shijin said that only from the consumption function link, “I Moutai” compared with the previous “Maotai Cloud business”, belongs to the evolution of several generations of new tools.A publicity material shows that the brand lab has done a lot of work for Moutai integrated marketing, moutai culture digging and sorting and external promotion.Can Maotai really squeeze the space for “speculation and buying” to a large extent?The new Yellow River reporter search found that in the evening of 31 days after the winning result was learned, many winners compared the market price, to understand the profit of Moutai.Most scalpers intend to continue to participate in the application, research which cities have a higher probability of winning.Recently, the public account buerjiang in the analysis of Moutai price drop, said that “Maotai new e-commerce impact” is one of the reasons.Take Feitian Maotai loose bottles as an example, on March 27, the price was only 2530 yuan/bottle, a month down 250 yuan/bottle.Some Maotai liquor dealers expressed concern that the company’s channel adjustment will affect them after maotai supplies Feitian Maotai.After all, the most popular brand among consumers is Feitian Maotai.On the first day of maotai’s trial operation, more than 500,000 people still reserved 1,499 yuan for feitian Moutai on, and the price rose to 2,630 yuan per bottle on that day.Kweichow Moutai released its 2021 annual report in the early morning of March 31. According to the annual report, there are 2,089 dealers in China and 63 new dealers will be added in 2021.Reduce the number of dealers by 20, mainly moutai liquor dealers.Moutai is sold through direct sales and wholesale agency channels.Direct selling channels refer to self-management channels, wholesale agency channels refer to social distributors, commercial supermarkets, e-commerce and other channels.Wholesale agency gross margin was 90.30%, down 0.5 percentage points from the previous year;Direct sales gross margin was 96.12%, up 0.5 percentage points from the previous year.Some investors believe that I Moutai will further boost the performance of Moutai: I Moutai e-commerce is set up by a joint-stock company, the profits are included in the joint-stock company, and it is estimated that moutai will also soar in the future.Since the factory price is not allowed to be raised, the retail share can be increased to increase profits, while affecting excessive market prices.At present, it is difficult to determine which sales channel moutai liquor sales data should be attributed to.”I Moutai’s sales plan depends on the specific source of product shipment.If shipped from Moutai directly operated stores, it belongs to direct sales;If it’s supplied by a traditional distributor, it’s the wholesale agency channel.”CAI xuefei said that from existing information, it is difficult to determine the source of moutai products shipment.On the afternoon of The 31st, a reporter from New Yellow River called the secretary office of the chairman of Guizhou Moutai. The staff who answered the phone said they were not clear about the channel division of I Moutai products and suggested consulting the customer service.Can Moutai really eliminate loopholes in its internal management?The “I Moutai” APP will be on trial for 50 days from March 31 to May 19.The stress test will comprehensively test moutai’s ease of use, stability and reliability with the orientation of “new products, new channels and new platforms”.In the analysis, Dai Shijin introduced in detail the “full link link” that I Maotai will bring.For Moutai, it is not only adding a new tool, but also the beginning of changing work habits.At the beginning of its design, “I Moutai” was required to achieve a full link from packaging production to channel terminal and then to consumers.This task enabled the APP backend to break through the core production and operation chain of Moutai, affecting the working process of tens of thousands of employees.Starting from January 24, 2022, each bottle of Moutai will have a unique data code.This provides enterprises with the possibility to do the whole chain traceability management.More importantly, through this code, moutai liquor from the production line to the sales end of the entire internal process, are monitored, from the technical elimination of internal management loopholes.In the process of packaging production, “I Moutai” digitally assigns unique identifying information to each bottle, known as “one bottle one yard”, According to Mr Dai.Through “one bottle one yard”, the key information of production, storage, logistics and sales of each bottle of wine will be integrated, thus realizing “end-to-end” traceability from product to commodity.”The ‘Moutai Chain’ with block chain technology as the core is under close construction and is expected to be put into use within the year.”Dai Shijin believes that after the completion of this important project, Moutai’s whole link traceability system from products to commodities will be more complete, scientific and credible.In the just-released annual report, Kweichow Moutai mentioned similar plans: adhere to science and technology to increase energy, strengthen scientific research and technological breakthroughs, build and improve the whole industry chain and life cycle information platform, use modern science and technology to support Moutai quality project, and provide strong technical support for sustainable quality and stable production.For Kweichow Moutai, the idea of “one yard per bottle” is not new.As early as 2017, Moutai established the Internet of Things platform to realize the data traceability of the whole industry chain, and built the first platform of cloud business, big data analysis and scheduling, and industrial financial services in China. The trend of each bottle of Moutai wine is regarded as the information of the company.Consumers can also inquire about the production and circulation of each bottle of Moutai through the quality traceability system.In 2019, in view of the problems faced by self-operated channels and distributors, such as “scalpers”, Moutai strengthened the monitoring of equipment and facilities, strengthened information analysis, summary and data integration, and realized the transformation from artificial supervision to intelligent supervision.Moutai’s intelligent supervision keeps pace with The Times.Can moutai’s “block chain” purchase and the “full link link” planned to be put into use within the year really eliminate the loopholes in internal management technically?Millions of users are watching.Edit: Weekends

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