These three “no gold content” certificates, the Ministry of Education has been stamped to prove that students should pay attention to the examination

At present, the job market of college students is not very optimistic, there are more and more phenomena of high or low, and under the special background, employers have begun to lay off employees, and the recruitment requirements for talents are getting higher and higher, which can be called selective selection.Therefore, after graduation, college students need to constantly improve their personal ability if they want to have a good job.When it comes to improving personal ability, I believe that many people will think of more spare time during college, students can effectively use the time to obtain some higher certificates of gold content.But as the job market has become saturated, some of the certificates have been discounted, and three have been stamped by the Ministry of Education to prove that they are not worth much, so students need to choose wisely or they are wasting their time.Students should note that these three certificates are of no value. The Ministry of Education has sealed the psychological counseling certificate to prove that the society is progressing, people’s life and work pressure is increasing, some professionals have certain psychological problems because of excessive pressure, and they need the help of psychological consultants.Once the job of psychological consultant rose, seeing this dividend, some students began to actively take the psychological consultant certificate, but students should understand that the relevant examination of psychological counseling certificate has been canceled.The main reason is that the threshold of this position is high. To become an outstanding psychologist and make a breakthrough in the profession, one needs to have a master’s degree or above.Just by virtue of a simple certificate of psychological counseling, it is not important to those who need psychological counseling.The corporate Counsel certificate has also been cancelled.Both medicine and law are known as the two most difficult majors to learn. There is a lot of knowledge related to law, and laws and regulations need to be recited. It is very difficult to pass the lawyer’s certificate examination.Although the enterprise lawyer consultant is relatively simple, it has also been favored by many students, but it needs to be noted that the certificate has been canceled, which can be said to have no gold content. If you want to have a better development, students still have to work hard to pass the judicial examination.Computer Level 2 Certificate For many students, after college computer Level 2 certificate is the first qualification certificate they want to obtain, because in the Internet era, most people believe that having computer Level 2 certificate can be said to be a powerful stepping stone to get a job, more of their own advantages.In fact, if students want to find a computer-related job after graduation, only having a certificate of level two is far from enough.Because this certificate has no value at all, it can not be a plus for students to get a job.In a word, these three certificates are of no value, and students do not have to work hard to get them, wasting their time.Students can do some meaningful things to improve their comprehensive ability, but also choose some high gold content of the certificate to take an examination, these will become their own advantages.What ways can college students improve their ability during school?Reasonable arrangement of time, planning university and high school is totally different, their spare time more, also does not have the supervision of teachers and parents, in addition to daily professional course learning, students have to allocate time, formulate a set of feasible study plan, and finish orderly, only in this way not only their graduate with nothing.Every university has its own characteristics and will carry out many activities every year to expand contacts and accumulate experience for students. Students should take an active part in them.At the same time, students can also actively participate in the community activities they are interested in, which can not only increase their knowledge, but also cultivate their skills, laying a good foundation for the smooth employment in the future.”Going out”, enrich their knowledge, widen the vision of the Internet era, let us never leave home can understand the real time information, but this is not conducive to the development of college students, if blindly curtilage in the home, not back, but be sure not to go forward, college students should use their spare time to go out, through personal quest to gain more knowledge, broaden horizons.Undergraduate is in school during, can take an examination of what to contain gold taller certificate?Many schools will English cet-4 certificate as the standard for students to finish the course of study, it can be seen how important this certificate, and English cet-4 certificate can also become a student after graduation to take an examination of civil servants and job hunting “sword”.At the same time, when many colleges and universities recruit graduate students, if you have cet-4 and CET-6 certificates, you will leave a good impression on the tutor and become an extra point in the second test.Teacher qualification certificate is also a representative of the iron rice bowl job. Many students also set their employment goal as a teacher. To become a people’s teacher, a teacher qualification certificate is essential, and a teacher qualification certificate can also enjoy many preferential policies in real life.In short, can take an examination of the certificate with higher gold content, is the biggest embodiment of students’ ability, I hope you can cherish the time, with their own efforts, paving a good road for the future employment.

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