Raise essence is equal to raise life!The man keeps in mind “3 more 3 less”, raise enough essence, find the manliness

Essence is constitute the material basis of the human body, but also growth and indispensable material basis of life activities, especially for men, nutrients also represents the sun be the spirit, if the deficiency, men not only have hands and feet sweat easily, lumbar debility, when the husband and wife life, also may have impotence premature ejaculation, etc.Therefore, in order to health, men must raise enough essence, the proposal to bear in mind the “3 more 3 less” method, adhere to a period of time may be able to find a man.One. What to do can raise essence?As the saying goes, food is the most important thing for people. The purpose of eating is not only to fill the stomach, but also to replenish the nutrition and keep the body in a healthy state.Therefore, if you want to raise enough vital energy, you can also start from the daily diet, such as eating more oysters, shellfish, mutton and other foods, because they are rich in zinc, and zinc is essential for sperm metabolism.In addition, intake of fresh fruits and vegetables as well as yams, ginkgo biloba, bean curd skin, peanut kernels, because fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals, help to improve the human body’s immunity, the aforementioned ginkgo biloba, peanut kernels contain a large amount of arginine, the main role is to enhance the vitality of sperm.2. More exercise is not only to burn fat and reduce weight, but also to maintain a healthy body and raise vital energy. Because in the process of exercise, you can speed up the metabolism, promote blood circulation, and then make the body organs can get nutrition and moisture.3. Go to bed early and get up early Kidney deficiency is an important cause of qi deficiency, and if you want to nourish essence, you have to nourish the kidney first. As for the method of nourishing the kidney, go to bed early and get up early is the key.Because if one long-term lack of sleep, the body is in a state of too tired, the body produces loss injury the pathological changes of blood gas, and thus damage and the five internal organs, including the kidneys, and this is why the ancients have “medicine hundred wraps, as the sole lie” statement of reasons, is simply to secure a good night’s sleep, is better than eating any tonic.Two. Do three things less, is beneficial to nourish vitality.1. As is known to all, with drinking and smoking cigarettes, alcohol and in a large number of harmful substances, if long-term drinking and smoking, not only easy to damage the liver and lungs, will also affect the function of kidney, especially have the habit of people for a long time, material, such as nicotine, tar, also can make the quality of sperm, or even kill sperm, so for the sake of their healthMen must get rid of smoking and drinking.Nowadays, some men also pay attention to their external image, so they usually choose to wear tight pants. Although wearing such clothes can show their figure, it is not good for the health of their testicles.Especially when walking, pants too tight easy to friction to the testicles, a little attention will be scraped, coupled with too tight clothes, but also lead to the temperature of the testicles, will also affect the quality of sperm.Crossing your legs seems to be a habitual action in many People’s Daily life, but they do not know that this habit has a great impact on male reproductive organs. First of all, when crossing your legs, you will press to the testicles, which affects the secretion of testosterone. In addition, there will be problems with blocked blood circulation.To sum up, there is some truth in the saying that nourishing the essence is equal to nourishing the life, although it is an exaggeration. Therefore, if you want to be more energetic, it is important for men to remember the above mentioned 3 more 3 less.These include adjusting diet, exercising more, going to bed earlier and getting up earlier, smoking and drinking less, wearing less leggings and crossing your legs less. Only by doing so consistently can you regain your lost energy.

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