Carrying rice bowl and so on Spring Festival Gala headquarters special “Together New Year’s Eve dinner” is really a meal

The New Year’s ritual starts with a sumptuous dinner, reported.On the afternoon of January 31, China Media Group and CCTV’s Financial channel will accompany people all over the country to prepare for the New Year’s Eve dinner with a five-hour feast.This year’s “New Year’s Eve dinner” stage is a little different.Show “rice to small 2” as the clue to the game characters, and the first elements of the concept of “five blessings”, set up five dream “door”, move back and forth at the same time around the country, with the audience “immersive stroll temple fair”, feel the tunnel in the “market”, give the ice hockey team doll dinner, visit different places people how to prepare for dinner,Present an audio-visual feast of color, smell and taste.”Rice small 2″ shuttle “door”, experience “immersive stroll temple fair” opening, Beijing very male voice choir in the song “sharpen people” will the lively atmosphere foil out of the Spring Festival, the host, han fei, ChiYongZhi Chen Yin springs, millet, RenJie incarnation five “rice small 2”, from five “door” surprise appearance, they prepare it with different ingredients,New Year’s greetings to the audience.These five special “fu Men” not only contain the beautiful vision of “Five blessings”, but also communicate with the studio and different corners of the motherland, so that the audience in front of the screen with the perspective of “Fan Xiao er” will be different, break the boundaries of time and space, visit different areas of the New Year’s Eve dinner, enrich the visual effect of the program.As a unique folk activity, temple fair adds a lot of lively atmosphere for the Spring Festival.”New Year’s Eve Dinner” will be “temple fair”, a very festive custom activity moved to the program stage, take the audience “immersed in temple fair”.Follow the steps of “Fan Xiaoer” and the recommendation of the host at the front desk to walk into the elaborate real-life temple fair, see the dazzling array of ingredients and enjoy the wonderful skills.At the temple fair, there are not only small shops selling Spring Festival goods, but also craftsmen showing their unique skills.”Silk auspicious”, “alone”, “rolling for the world fresh”, “fly more cake” stalls are very busy.At various stalls, techniques such as slicing vegetables, beating eggs, rolling dough, picking up cakes and slicing noodles are all performed in new ways, bringing dazzling temple fair fireworks.And the host of the main station guest booth presenter is to use their best skills, recommend different booth people’s unique skills: Zhou Yun and Wang Xinliang introduced their hometown food in authentic dialect, Miao Lin performed two sections of guankou in one go, it was amazing.In China with vast territory and abundant resources, the characteristic cuisine of each region in the east, west, north and south has its own characteristics.”New Year’s Eve Dinner” takes a broad view of the motherland, invited to represent different ethnic groups, regions of the host, for the audience to recommend their hometown dinner.Cui Shuang, an Ethnic Korean host from Changchun, showed the pickled cabbage on stage and introduced special dishes such as flower cake and poltai fish.Dawa Yuzhen from Tibet introduced the good meaning of Tibetan blessing food “Zhuosuchma”, and also demonstrated the Tibetan New Year greeting ceremony to send blessings;Sharma Aguo from Daliang Mountain brought the local style of “delicate eating and rough plate” to the stage, and invited girls from The Yi ethnic group to sing a warm toast song with them, enjoying the delicious food with laughter.As a native of northeast China who has worked in Shanghai for many years, Liu’s ability to seamlessly switch between the two dialects is amazing. He not only brings Shanghai food from his “adopted hometown”, such as shengjian bao and smoked fish, but also shares the warm stories behind them.Zhu Yi from Wuhan, Hubei province, introduces the local delicacy of ingredients for the New Year’s Eve dinner. The hot and dry noodles are authentic when served with freshly ground sesame paste.In order to feel the fireworks of the New Year’s Eve dinner, a few “rice young two” again into the “blessing gate”, to the busy “vegetable market” to select ingredients.In the food market, there are not only ventriloquist performers and sound teachers and students to imitate the various sounds of cooking, but also dubbing actors to take the audience through to the famous scenes in the classic TV series in a second with their changeable voice lines.After walking through the “Fu Men”, Fan Xiaoer even went to the home of the Internet handcraft expert “Geng Shou”, where they not only visited and experienced a number of innovative kitchen utensils made by him, but also invited Geng Shou to show his unique trick — “Piano barbecue machine”, which barbeque meat while playing and moving, so as to have a sense of art and ceremony.In addition to these skilled performers, there are also many familiar faces in the market — Chen Beibei’s Jiangxi dialect on the bacon shop makes people feel warm.Moon elder sister was exposed oneself “comedians” conceal identity, in spot sketch in change gentle disposition, vivid reduction tang Dynasty prime minister Fang Xuanling’s wife, prevent its husband to take concubine “jealous” allusion, let the audience harvest small knowledge in laughter.This year is the Year of the Winter Olympics. In order to welcome the upcoming Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics, the “Fan Er” in “New Year’s Dinner” visits a special ice hockey team — the hockey team of Zhenquan Central Primary School in Beijing’s Yanqing District.The Shanliwa ice hockey team has been established for five years. Zhao Jisheng, a retired teacher from Beijing Normal University, is their head coach.He built a natural ice hockey field for children, taught them ice hockey skills, passed on the happiness of ice hockey, and planted the seeds of ice and snow sports in children’s hearts.The program invited three chefs to create a unique ice and snow sports themed dinner.Snow duck, dragon and phoenix ice hockey, fish shredded pork, shrimp balls and other dishes, integrated a table carefully arranged dinner, let the hockey team children feel the perfect fusion of food and sports flavor of the New Year.In the program, “Fan Xiaoer” also through a sketch, about the people who stick to their posts during the Spring Festival is different.After eight years of marriage without a family dinner and only seeing each other for two minutes a week, the railway workers had to bury their love for each other in a bowl of hot noodles.On the stage of “New Year’s Dinner”, they went through the “gate”, to the hele side of the family reunion and heart.Chef restore old taste, head office hosts new idea dish “together New Year’s Eve dinner” in the kitchen, specially invited a lot of star chef, will “rice small 2” the food material that purchases in vegetable market, cook a road all over the world authentic cate.Not only pickled Fresh, spicy Cabbage family photo, sweet and Sour pork crystal explosion sauce, hot pot and other local daily dishes, but also full of good meaning and happy expectations for the New Year hard dishes – “Fu Lu long” “Good luck” “Barbecue Sanbao” and so on.Traditional dishes go through the chef’s disassembly and demonstration, from preparing pickled dishes to stir-frying and cooking, every step is clear, so that the audience can quickly get started, catch up on the New Year’s Eve dinner show a wave of cooking.The host of the front desk also brought the audience their usual “new dishes”, so that everyone a feast.Ren Luyu presents the taste of middle-aged memory with a famous ramen, and the recipe of pickled sour radish is the exclusive secret. The delicious food delivers full blessing.”The most authentic platter chicken from the East Third ring road to the East fourth Ring Road” is Nigmaati’s specialty. He tells the heartwarming story of the food in his hometown, which not only has deep ethnic friendship, but also contains the warmth passed down in family gatherings.This five-hour feast will certainly add a lot of inspiration and excitement to the preparation of the New Year’s Eve dinner!January 31 (New Year’s Eve) afternoon, let us together with the rice bowl and so on Spring Festival Gala, reunion.

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