Will the village doctor lose his job?The clinic that opened 5 years does not allow to replace card unexpectedly……The authorities responded.

Medical institutions practice license expires, Mr. Shi huainan for its Chinese medicine clinic for replacement encountered a jam, to xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui network, big Anhui news hotline for help.After receiving the reflection, the reporter launches the investigation to this matter.The local health department responded that the current management is more standardized and strict. Mr. Shi’s practicing certificate in the county and district has been unable to be entered into the system because it does not meet the requirements. If he wants to open a clinic independently, the current policy is to pass the assessment of true expertise in Anhui Province.Shi, 59, previously ran the “Shi Yingcai Skilled Clinic” in Huainan Maoji Experimental Zone.According to the medical institution practice license provided by the clinic, the clinic’s treatment subject is “TCM dermatology”, and the license is valid from March 23, 2016 to March 22, 2021.Before it expired last year, Shi began to apply for a new license in advance, but received a reply from the local health department that “it does not meet the requirements for filing.””The basis mentioned by the health department is the interim measures for the record management of TCM clinics, saying that I do not meet the requirements for the record of TCM clinics.”Mr. Shi said he did not agree.Mr. Shi told reporters that in 2014, he obtained the practice certificate of rural doctors, is to obtain the certificate of skilled personnel, in accordance with the “Anhui Province traditional Chinese medicine skilled personnel into the management of rural doctors implementation plan” into the management of rural doctors, has opened a clinic for five years.The implementation of the Interim Measures on the Record Management of TCM Clinics does not mean that the previous work of bringing TCM professionals into rural management will be cancelled.Since then, Mr. Shi has been working on the issue, and the clinic has been closed for nine months.Recently, his clinic replacement card is still unable to complete, but to the newspaper for help.2. Without practicing certificate, where is the replacement card stuck in Mr. Shi’s clinic?After receiving help, on the morning of February 11, xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui network, anhui news reporters contacted Huainan Maoji Experimental area Bureau of Health Bureau Chen deputy director, as of press time, Chen deputy director said: “busy, not convenient to respond.””He doesn’t have a practicing certificate, and now a professional can’t run a clinic,” Liang explained. “A professional can be used under the condition of compliance. We have arranged for him to carry out traditional Chinese medicine activities in the village clinic.”After Mr. Shi provided more personal information, the reporter tried to call the above two responsible people for details in the afternoon, or no one answered, or said “meeting”, did not give more response.Reporters have repeatedly tried to dial the bureau telephone, after the connection, a staff said that the situation will report to the responsible person.As of press time, no one responded.In order to help Mr. Shi understand the reason as far as possible, Xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui network, anhui news reporter and then contacted the Huainan City Health commission of Traditional Chinese Medicine section Chief Mr. Li.He told reporters that village doctors’ certificates will be reviewed after five years.The current management is more standardized and strict. Mr. Shi’s practicing certificate, which he had obtained in the county district before, cannot be entered into the system because it does not meet the current regulations.”The rural doctor professional certificate is a transitional certificate.Li said, “At present, the country is paying more and more attention to TCM, and there are really talented people who are encouraged to treat people within a certain range.”Li added that those who want to run their own clinics must pass the anhui provincial expertise test as a policy.4 Chinese medicine clinics or will face a new standard reporter noticed, on January 19, 2022, the state administration of traditional Chinese medicine department issued a “about TCM clinic basic standard (revised in 2022 Draft), the announcement of public comment is to solicit opinions from the public, the deadline for feedback on February 20, 2022.The basic standards of TCM clinics are as follows: TCM clinics refer to clinics with TCM and non-drug therapy such as acupuncture, cupping and massage under the guidance of TCM theories, as well as TCM dispensing, decoction decocting and other TCM medicine services, with TCM treatment rate of 100%.Some professionals believe that this means that TCM clinics will soon face new standards.According to the interim Measures for the Record Management of TCM Clinics, which came into effect on December 1, 2017, article 4 Any TCM clinic shall be registered with the county-level competent department of TCM in the place where the clinic is to be held.(1) To establish a TCM clinic by an individual, he/she shall have the Certificate of Doctor qualification of TCM category and, after registration, have practiced for at least three years in an institution of medical treatment, prevention or health care, or he/she shall have the Certificate of Doctor Qualification of TCM (Specialized);If a legal person or other organization runs a TCM clinic, the principal person-in-charge of the clinic shall meet the above requirements;(2) Comply with the Basic Standards of TCM Clinics;(3) The name of the TCM clinic conforms to the relevant provisions of the Implementation Rules of the Regulations on the Management of Medical Institutions;(4) Comply with the relevant provisions on environmental protection and fire control;(5) being able to independently bear civil liability.The Implementation Rules of the Regulations on the Administration of Medical Institutions stipulate that units and individuals shall not apply for the establishment of medical institutions and shall not set up TCM clinics.Source: Xin ‘an Evening News, Anhui net, Anhui News

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