Two big winners of the Spring Festival season: Jackson Yi, Xi Xi and Ma Li hit a record box office of 10 billion yuan, but their appeal is different

Every Spring Festival, people’s entertainment packages are in the same form. The Spring Festival Gala on various platforms renders the atmosphere. After the New Year’s Eve, the first day of the New Year is the highlight moment of the cinema.Chinese New Year movie market is still hot and competition is intense, eight new film into the openings: of the two wars, charges, one is “long jin lake” series of the water gate bridge, a real historical themes, the cast of luxury, together with the first good reputation and good box office, nature is graced the Spring Festival.Another is directed by Zhang Yimou, “Sniper”, although it is also a war theme, but Zhang Yimou’s big director, quality assurance, word of mouth is good.Two feature films, one is directed by Han Han “the Four Seas”, by Han Han signboard influence, as always Han Han flavor, good story design, coupled with Shen Teng Liu Haocun Liu Hao Ran and others present, also have selling points.Another is Yi Yangqianxi starring “Miracle Stupid Children”, touching story, strong cast, so that the film from presale to the release of the box office and popularity are good.Ma Li starred in the comedy film “The Killer is not too calm” as the only funny film during the Spring Festival, the box office reputation is also good, the obvious advantage.The other three films are suitable for families with children, which are indispensable for the Spring Festival and also perform well at the box office.With fierce competition at the box office during the Spring Festival, the film has a winner, and so does its leading actor.Among the many leading actors in this Spring Festival film season, the biggest winners are Undoubtedly Yi Yangqianxi and Ma Li.File open before the Spring Festival, film archives, it predicted Jackson is the big winner, because he has two films this year rushed into the Spring Festival, and because the subject advantages and the growing popularity of Yang thousand seal, “watergate bridge of long jin lake” and “miracle stupid kid” pre-sale expectation is ranking the first second, after the release of the two movies at the box office and word of mouth is persistently high.Not only did these two films perform well, but with previous films like Young You and Send you a Little Red Flower, all of Yi’s five films have achieved high box office, with the cumulative box office rapidly exceeding 10 billion yuan.Although there have been actors earning more than 10 billion yuan at the box office before, Jackson Yi is the first post-00s actor to earn more than 10 billion yuan at the box office. In addition, there are some actors earning more than 10 billion yuan before, the data is too much, and some are just actors, not stars, and the box office appeal is not strong.And Mary really fire over the past few years, even married conceive and bear a son, and also not affect career, not only in recent years continuous took part in the CCTV Spring Festival gala, skits and Shen Teng happy twist team, in recent months, many movies also refresh, especially recently with the good performance of the journal the killer is not very calm, total at ten billion.Although there have been several actresses who have made more than 10 billion yuan at the box office before, Ma Li is the first actress to do so, which is still very attractive.This not only surpasses bai Baihe Zhou Dongyu, who had a good box office performance in previous years, but also surpasses gong Li Zhang Ziyi and other actresses who have played for decades and made excellent films.However, although The total box office of Ma Li’s films has exceeded 10 billion yuan, this figure is exaggerated, because she has participated in several films, such as My Hometown and I, My Fathers and I, etc., but Ma Li has not contributed much to the box office success of the films.So even though she became the first actress to break ten billion yuan at the box office, ma Li’s film reputation is not good as a whole, not only not as good as Bai Baihe, but also not as good as Zhou Dongyu gong Li Zhang Ziyi and other actresses.And even if they have broken ten billion yuan, Ma Li, the predecessor of the box office appeal, is not comparable to Yi Yangqianxi.

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