The 14th Five-year Comprehensive transportation Development Plan of Tongling city was published and implemented

Recently, with the consent of the municipal government, “Tongling city” 14th Five-year comprehensive transportation Development Plan “issued and implemented by the Municipal Development and Reform Commission and the Municipal Transportation Bureau.The plan grasped the strategic opportunity of “Integrated development of the Yangtze River Delta”, proposed the development orientation of Tongling as “an important transportation hub city in Wanjiang Region, an important transportation node city in the Yangtze River Delta, and a modern industrial and trade port city in the Yangtze River Delta”, and clarified the “1597” strategy.Namely, build a convenient smoothly, economic, efficient, green and intensive, intelligent, safe and reliable, advanced modern high quality comprehensive three-dimensional transport system, deploying “strengthen regional integration unicom, perfect three-dimensional transportation network layout, optimization of comprehensive passenger transport hub system, speed up the development of modern logistics system, enhance the level of integrated transport services” and so on five big task,We will carry out nine major projects, including the upgrading of railways, upgrading of highways, expansion of water transport, expansion of aviation, inter-river connectivity, integration of hubs, access to logistics, delivery services to villages, and improvement of services. A total of 70 billion yuan will be invested in transport infrastructure development.By 2025, the length of trunk railways, expressways and high-grade waterways (grade ⅲ and above) will exceed 200 km, 200 km and 190 km respectively.Planning also aimed at zhuhai regional traffic advantages, active docking comprehensive transportation system for the Yangtze river, the layout of the “three horizontal three longitudinal” transport corridor (north along the river, the Yangtze river, south along the Yangtze river, Germany, Taiwan, f), makes the tongling to Yangtze river delta 12 “circle” of time and space (1 hour and prudent in hefei, nanjing, xuancheng, 2 hours tongda suzhou, hangzhou, Shanghai, etc.).At the same time, adhere to the traffic pilot strategy, strengthen the service transportation, park development, bulk cargo, rural revitalization, and other fields, the key to promote G3 tongling Yangtze river iron bridge, port in the north of the railway private sidings, north along the river high-speed (tongling section), jiangbei port (phase I), “four good rural road” qualitative transformation projects such as, speed up the planning construction of general aviation airports,Encourage the application of digital and intelligent technologies in transportation infrastructure projects.Through the implementation of a number of key transportation projects, the city will improve the three-dimensional comprehensive transportation network layout, improve the coordinated development level of regional transportation, and provide strong infrastructure support for promoting high-quality economic and social development.

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