Longjing court online hearing a defendant in prison loan contract dispute case

In order to coordinate epidemic prevention and control with law enforcement, the Longjing People’s Court and Jilin Women’s Prison heard a dispute over a loan contract in which the defendant was serving a prison sentence online via a remote video link on March 15.In this financial loan contract dispute, the plaintiff is a bank.On August 24, 2018, the plaintiff and the defendant signed a personal guarantee loan contract, agreeing that the defendant borrowings 500,000 yuan from the plaintiff, the loan term is From August 24, 2018 to August 23, 2021, and the defendant mortgages the three houses owned by the plaintiff and goes through mortgage registration procedures.But the loan was due and the defendant never paid it back.Therefore, the plaintiff sued the People’s Court of Longjing city to demand the defendant to repay the loan principal of 500,000 yuan and the corresponding interest.Through the way of remote video connection, the judge and the plaintiff and the defendant realized “face to face, through the air dialogue”, successfully completed the trial of each link, fully protect the litigious rights of the parties, the trial in the clear picture, smooth speech, the whole trial process is standardized and orderly.After more than an hour of remote hearing, with the efforts of the judge, the defendant expressed his willingness to actively contact his family members to fulfill repayment obligations as soon as possible.So far, the trial was successfully completed.The court hearing not only made it convenient for litigants to litigate, but also saved judicial costs, and achieved the balance between epidemic prevention and control and the trial of cases.The People’s Court of Longjing city insists on the judicial function, makes full use of the achievements of the construction of smart court and the means of informatization to guarantee the smooth progress of the judicial work during the epidemic, and provides the people with safe, convenient and efficient judicial services, truly making justice for the people and justice for the convenience of the people.Source: Cailian News

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