Jin er asks “actor” to return to top 10?Micro cool cry, how even depend on god in his head

King of glory new season has begun a month of time, as the last season of the ranking second, in the new season small brocade son directly to his put a holiday, of course not live, but often and friends open black, entertainment what.Make a lot of water friends who want to see Li Bai after strengthening are very uncomfortable, the end of the month immediately, small Brocade began to blunt points mode.Recently often look small jin son live friend should know that a little small tao jin son often and honey for the black, two people will stay on the skin to discuss, can use in the game with the type of skin was used with the skin, a lot of friends and water have said if it weren’t for small small tao jin son and honey are all male, this wave of sugar is really on.And xiao jin efforts is very effective, have recently begun to impact points after small small tao jin son crash for seven consecutive honey, honey originally small tao before two days before the top ten, Mr Efforts can also impact the top five, but crash little kam after losing seven innings, and directly put the small jin son give lift to the top of the first position, xiao jin has surpassed the cool.Many water friend expresses this wave small brocade is honey small tao to raise fat to kill, not kui is close brother, before paragraph of time just to let honey small tao work harder blunt cent, oneself eat honey small tao again later cent, go up so cent speed not to go up.Of course, in addition to honey small tao uncomfortable micro cool is also very uncomfortable.Weiliang was the first stable peak race, but now it seems that the end of the month is coming, and everyone wants to be the first in the monthly list. Plus, Jin er has also started the scoring mode, and Weiliang has directly dropped from the first to the top ten before the peak race, and even the fifth is now gone.But also in the following two days ago god also rushed into his head, cool was also want to use small impact of the first peak season, now a look, if your large don’t outraged, this month the peak of the first, it is not their own, after all, cool specialization player himself is peak season, the first is very important for the cool.Personal opinion: compared to the rushing points of Wei Liang, or jin Er’s rushing points are more interesting, last season Wei Liang and Jin er presented a very dramatic season top competition, not who wins who is the first peak race, but who loses less who is the first peak race.And the new season small brocade son directly arranged his younger brother to be an “actor”, after raising fat, kill again, kill over became the first peak match.Who will be number one in the summit at the end of this month?Will still be small kam er and cool or lai God continue to send force back to the peak.

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