How does not air bask in model balcony to solve clothings air bask in problem?This is how you can do it

Want to achieve the space utilization rate acme, according to the needs of residents, reasonable planning every 1㎡, an inch of space can not be wasted.Take the balcony for, do an air simply bask in an area rather some drab.The home of present outfit designs the balcony to design functional area more, satisfy reside person need.As a result, the air drying balcony does not exist.But is this equal to no drying?Come to see today, do not have air bask model balcony how to solve air bask problem.The easiest way to buy a dryer is to buy a dryer.Choose from an all-in-one dryer or a freestanding dryer stacked with a washing machine.Advantages: ① do not occupy space.② Sterilizing and removing mites.③ No odor after shade drying.Towel rack of electric heating is worn to small clothings, can choose to mount towel rack of electric heating in toilet.Advantages: (1) fast drying, drying small clothes.② Reduce the humidity of the toilet, bacteriostatic mildew.If you still like traditional drying methods, you can choose electric lifting clothes rack, which can not only lift height, but also dry and disinfect.Key points: (1) The load bearing is about 35kg, which can basically meet the air drying amount of the family.The lifting rope in diameter of 1.2~1.5mm 304 stainless steel wire rope.Telescopic drying rod Telescopic drying rod can be installed indoors or outdoors.However, some property companies do not allow installation in the outdoor, if there is a need, it is recommended to confirm in advance.Key points: (1) The material and load-bearing capacity of clothes drying rod should be taken into account when selecting and purchasing.② The height of the drying pole should be moderate to facilitate daily access.Solved good air basks in a problem, ability uses the balcony this space well rise, let household life more much appearance is colorful.

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