Home has a house has land, after retirement, want to return home or business is not feasible, see an example to know

I don’t know if you have noticed this phenomenon, but many people who live in the city want to live in the country.Some want to return to the countryside after retirement, home just have parents lived in the old house.Can also plant their own family land, and some are to return to the countryside to start their own business.Next, it is feasible to return to rural endowment after retirement with respect to the focus, and finally return to rural entrepreneurship.First of all, the elderly working outside want to return to rural life, many of them have the idea of returning to their roots.He went back to the countryside to live in his old house and planted some land. When he was free, he planted a small vegetable garden.Idle time in the neighbor’s door chat, this is let how many people envy the endowment life ah.But before I make a decision, let me give you an example. There is a family in my hometown who went to the city with their relatives many years ago.And listen to the village people say that this development is quite good, and children have been married.Just a few years ago the old couple came back to build the old house, is the idea of returning home for retirement.In the first two years when the house was rebuilt, the couple came back more often and stayed for a month or several months each time.But now the countryside is not the countryside before, before the countryside is still more simple.But especially with the development of recent years, rural people have also begun to develop their economy.The old couple planted their own land for a year the following year, and then contracted it out again.Because his family did not own much land, he could not make much money without the cost of farming.With the village people have to say that the family is not bad these two money, and then in his children live in the city to buy a building.Later, the old couple came back less and less, and stayed for ten or eight days before they left.Once the villagers asked the old couple how they came back so few times a year, and the old couple said it was boring to stay here.After that, I said that rural people are now developing economy, so in addition to farming, they also do some small-scale farming.Some will manage some fruit trees, or contract some migrant workers’ land.In short, few people have time for the old couple, and if they do, they are elderly.This made the old couple feel particularly dull around the village, so they came back less often.And every time is to live for ten days or eight days on the walk, said this example I want to those who have to return to the countryside for the elderly say.If you really have the idea of returning to the countryside for the aged, you can go back to the village to have a look before this.It would be better to stay for a few days if you have time, so that you can see if you can adapt to the current rural life.When you’ve been back a few times, you get an idea of what life is like in the village.You can extend this routine for a few years, and at that point you can still feel comfortable with it.Wait until retirement in the decision to come back is not too late, finally say a few words want to return to rural entrepreneurship.It is relatively simple to return to the countryside to start a business. As long as you have capital, resources and contacts, you can return to the village to start a business.Of course, even if you don’t have these conditions, you can create your own conditions.Finally, I want to say that entrepreneurship itself should adapt to any environment, which is different from returning to the countryside for retirement.So as long as you are willing to go back to the countryside to start your own business, then make up your mind to act.

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