【 Exposure platform 】 Strict law enforcement will not be soft!People on the streets shut down an enterprise grinding production line

In order to effectively complete the “six and one” work for the resumption of work and production after the Holiday, and strengthen the safety production management in the limited space within the jurisdiction, dust and explosive-related key industries and fields, the People’s Street Emergency Management Bureau insists on the principle of “zero tolerance”, and makes all-out efforts to regulate dust and explosive-related enterprises, timely disposal of potential safety hazards, and avoid accidents.In the afternoon of February 14, the people’s Street emergency Management Bureau carried out post-holiday work and production inspection of enterprises in its area. It found that titanium alloy was being polished in the grinding workshop of a sports equipment Co., Ltd. in Dongsheng Village. The titanium metal dust produced is a key combustible dust, and there is a risk of dust explosion.Law enforcement officers on the spot asked the enterprise to stop grinding titanium alloy operations, and immediately shut down the titanium alloy grinding production line.Next, the people’s street emergency management bureau will further improve the safety production management system of the enterprise, pay close attention to the follow-up implementation, ensure the rectification of hidden dangers in place, and grasp the safety production work.Titanium dust is explosive and can explode when exposed to heat, open fire or chemical reactions.Its powder has high chemical activity and can spontaneously combinate in air.Titanium burns not only in air, but also in carbon dioxide or nitrogen.Easy to combine with halogen, oxygen, sulfur and nitrogen at high temperature.Editor: Zeng Zhaohua Editor: Xiao Chen Luo Qianting, Cen Zewen Executive Editor: Huang Luxian Editor: Chen Xiaoyong Source: Zhongshan People street emergency Management Bureau issued authoritative voice to spread the culture of water town

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