“No flower not adult”, 12 kinds of common lunar New Year flowers, the Spring Festival to choose a few POTS, happy meaning is good

Someone says “do not have a flower not adult”, New Year to buy a few potted flowers in the home, the home has money to spend, this is just a kind of view, our Spring Festival to buy flowers of the night in the home, no more than is the graph jubilation, pleasing to the eye, ornament indoor environment stopped.Whether you visit a flower market or a street flower shop, lunar New Year’s Eve flowers are much the same. Through selection, the following 12 kinds of lunar New Year’s Eve flowers are more popular.Money tree money tree, just from its name can be seen, it means “wealth”, and its leaves color dark green, shiny, even in the sun will shine under the irradiation, hanging on the branches of small decoration, more vitality.When shopping for money trees, look for beautiful plants with glossy dark green leaves, no yellow leaves, dead branches, and no signs of pests and diseases.Although the leaf of golden money tree is thick, but be afraid of strong light insolation, can put below half shade environment protect, satisfied the condition of a lot of balcony party.The root system of golden money tree is root tuber, water when avoid basin soil is too wet for a long time or water, cause root tuber rot.Winter maintenance of the money tree, anti-freezing, room temperature can be kept at more than 10 degrees Celsius in the winter, the temperature can be kept at about 20 degrees Celsius is better, will not affect the growth of money tree.When the curing environment temperature is below 15℃, fertilization needs to be stopped.Camellia camellia has a long flowering period, large flowers, bright colors and strong cold resistance. In winter, as long as the temperature is above -5℃, it can be safe for winter. Regardless of the north and south, start with a pot of New Year flowers, which is festive and beautiful.Indoor camellia cultivation, choose short and strong plants better, compact branches and leaves, healthy leaves without spots, no yellow leaves, deciduous, no disease and insect pests, and blooming flowers and buds proportion of half, flowering will be longer.Just bought home camellia to avoid strong light exposure, tea sweet princess camellia just home placed in astigmatism to adapt to the environment, a week later gradually increase the light environment, and maintenance of the environment temperature at about 10 degrees Celsius, camellia better growth, if the temperature is too high, easy to cause camellia bud wilting, falling.Many flower friends feel that the survival rate of camellia cultivation in the north is very low, how do you know if you don’t try?In fact, camellia cultivation is not so difficult as imagined, as long as camellia not because of water, fertilizer damage caused by root rot, camellia survival rate is higher.In the flowering period of camellia, watering “see dry see wet”, watering to be thoroughly, do not pour “hollow” water, will let the capillary roots dry;Camellia does not like thick fertilizer, fertilizer use low concentration liquid, and regularly poured ferrous sulfate and citric acid solution, keep the soil in acidic state, camellia can better growth, flowering.Kumquat kumquat implies good luck and happiness, its highlight is the fruit hanging on the branches, and the smell of fruit, fruit can be both ornamental and edible, is also a very popular New Year midnight flowers.When shopping for kumquats, try to pick even size and golden color plants, and avoid picking plants that look like they have just been planted. After you buy them home, the fruit can easily fall out, shortening the viewing period.Kumquat belongs to light plant, can short time bear shade, potted put in sunny place is more conducive to plant growth, but kumquat is afraid of strong light exposure, just start kumquat should not be placed directly in the sun conservation, gradually increase light can.Kumquat likes wet soil, but afraid of water, winter is kumquat fruit period, basin soil should not be dry when wet, otherwise it will cause fruit fall.In terms of fertilization, there is no need for fertilization after the fruit is mature, so as to avoid excess nutrients and cause fruit dropping.Phalaenopsis phalaenopsis is one of the most popular orchid, have “queen of orchid” say, the flower resembles dancing “butterfly”, lovely and peculiar, and florescence is long, it is to give a gift or decorate indoor plant of first choice, also can cut down to insert admire in the vase.When choosing phalaenopsis, beginners try to choose a single color, such as white phalaenopsis, rose red phalaenopsis and other pure color varieties, the survival rate is higher, easier to cultivate.Because phalaenopsis is prone to debud as it ADAPTS to its environment, it’s better to shop for plants that have lots of flowers.Just bought home phalaenopsis needs to adapt to the environment, can not be placed directly in the sun conservation, in the shade or scattered light to adapt to the environment, basic conservation after a week can be gradually put in the light bright or half shade place.The environmental temperature of phalaenopsis maintenance should not be too high, or it will shorten the viewing period, the temperature is 15℃~20℃, and the air humidity is kept at about 70%, you can often give phalaenopsis leaf or flower back spray.Flowers (anzu flowers, flamboyant flowers, Antares) have glossy leaves, bright colors and long flowering period. The flowers have a high sense of wax quality, which are used to decorate the interior and add magnificent and luxurious visual sense.When buying flowers and candles, choose plants with compact plants, dark green leaves and no yellow leaves, spots or defects, and lots of buds.The flowers and candles just bought home are placed in a brightly lit position for maintenance, and the indoor temperature is kept above 15℃, otherwise it will affect the growth and flowering.And pay attention to the window ventilation to avoid cold wind invasion, frostbite blade.The flower candle is not drought-tolerant and likes to be wet, so it can be kept slightly wet in winter, but the air should be kept in a state of high humidity. When spraying the leaves, it can not be used directly with tap water, and it can be placed for a few days before use, so as to avoid causing diseases and affecting the appreciation.Arro-bamboo genus arro-bamboo plants, such as the common peacock arro-bamboo, flower and leaf arro-bamboo, rainbow arro-bamboo, green and shiny leaves, with different spots or markings, clear and beautiful lines, is a very popular leaf plants.Buy bamboo arrothead plants, take peacock arrothead as an example, choose full plant type, complete branches and leaves, no yellow leaves, no plant pests.Peacock taro after buying home, do not put directly in the sun maintenance oh, to avoid yellow leaves or dry spots, affect the ornamental.Potted plants are placed in the shade first to get used to the new environment, and after a period of time, they are placed in astigmatism.Peacock taro like wet environment, winter maintenance, pot soil dry after water supplement, air dry environment to often spray leaves, increase humidity, conducive to the growth of leaves.Peacock arrowroot is not cold resistant. In order to grow better, the indoor temperature needs to be kept above 18℃, and cold wind or hot air conditioning should be avoided.Calla lilies have green leaves and horseshoe-like bracts. They can be potted, hydroponic, cut or bouquet flowers. Both the leaves and the unique flower shape make them highly ornamental.When selecting calla lilies, look for plants that are already open, undamaged and free of pests and diseases.Potted calla lilies just bought home in winter, red sleeves will be placed in a bright place, after adapting to the environment and then moved to a sunny place to grow.Calla lilies are not drought-tolerant, so keep the pot soil slightly wet during flowering. When the air is dry, spray the leaves to increase air humidity, but do not spray on the flowers, so as not to cause decay.Calla lilies are not hardy. In winter, the indoor temperature is kept at 16℃~25℃. When the temperature is below 5℃, calla lilies will stop growing.In addition, flowering calla lilies do not need fertilizer.Fortune Tree Fortune Tree is popular because of its name, which means to bring in wealth and good fortune, especially among businessmen.The rich tree, with its branches plaited into braids, has a unique shape and high ornamental value.When you buy a rich tree, check whether there are signs of decay at the base, the branches are intact, the leaves are dark green and shiny, without disease spots and yellow leaves.The rich tree that just bought home in winter need not worry about sunshine to be able to bask in leaf, can put in sunny place, if not illumination condition, also can put in half shade place conserve, but cannot put in dark place for a long time, can grow in vain, yellow leaf.Rich tree drought resistance, afraid of water, winter indoor temperature at more than 15 degrees Celsius, basically half a month to pour 1 water, basin soil for a long time too wet or water, will cause root rot.Belgian rhododendron has strong vitality, large flowers and rich colors. It can open 2 to 3 crops of flowers a year. It is a very popular Spring Festival flower.When buying Belgian azaleas, choose plump plants with many branches and strong branches, and check the leaves for signs of pests and diseases. There are no yellow leaves. Beginners can choose plants whose buds are already 1/3 full.Belgian rhododendron can grow and blossom in a sunny environment already, also can bear the shade in short time, the Belgian rhododendron that just bought home is put in the place with bright light toward south or toward east, long-term illumination is insufficient, can cause Belgian rhododendron to appear yellow leaf, fallen leaf.Belgian rhododendron has more capillary roots, and if the pot soil is too dry or too wet, it will damage the root system, which is also the key to the bad breeding of Belgian rhododendron by novice flowers.Water flowering Belgian rhododendrons and wait for the pot soil to dry slightly before watering. Too wet pot soil can shorten the viewing period.Primrose multiflora belongs to alpine flower plants, with rich colors, large flowers and long flowering period. It is a very popular Lunar New Year snack flower in recent years.When choosing potted flowers for spring, choose thick, plump plants, dark green leaves, many buds, blooming flowers, colorful plants, and plants free from disease and insect pests.Flower primroses like a sunny environment, winter can be fixed in the south or east of the place maintenance, do not move at will, to avoid causing flowers fall buds fall.Flower primrose spring is in flowering when, want to assure sufficient moisture, but basin soil cannot too wet, irrigate along basin edge when watering, avoid droplet to go up in leaf, produce decayed.Tip: Primroses are sensitive to ethylene, so keep them away from fruit to avoid premature flower loss.Ranunculus, with its layered flowers resembling rich peonies or steamed stuffed Chinese roses, has a bright variety of colors and a pot of multi-colored plants that are even more ornamental.When buying buttercups, look for robust plants with sturdy stems, dense foliage, bright green leaves, no yellow leaves, incomplete leaves, and no signs of pests and diseases.Buttercups can withstand half shade, so they can be placed in astigmatism or half shade after they are bought home in winter. Buttercups in flowering stage should avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible, which will shorten the flower viewing period.Ranunculus likes a moist environment, so it is necessary to keep the soil in a moist state during the flowering period. After each watering, the water in the tray should be emptied in time to avoid root rot.Buttercup has a certain degree of cold resistance, the winter temperature is not less than 0℃ can safely winter, flowering buttercup placed in the temperature of about 18℃ environment, flower ornamental period will be longer.Gold wanliang (cinnabar root) Gold Wanliang leaves dark green, red fruit delicate and charming drop, it is estimated that people see people love it?Put a pot at home, happy and good-looking, and good meaning, is very popular New Year’s eve flowers.Gold wanliang in the purchase of time, pick fruit, lush branches and leaves, and leaves dark green, without yellow leaves, pests and diseases of the plant, can also be in the shop agreed, gently shaking branches, not deciduous as well.Gold wanliang is more shade resistant, afraid of strong light exposure, choose a astigmatism or bright place to place, do not easily move after, because often move will cause fruit fall.Winter cultivation gold wanliang, because the ventilation environment is limited, water evaporation is slow, basically 10~15 days of water can be poured once, keep the basin soil slightly wet, avoid the basin soil too wet, resulting in fruit fall or root rot, and to maintain high air humidity, do not fertilize, extend the ornamental period.12 kinds of popular Spring Festival Flowers, do you like any of them?Choose a pot to embrace home, joyfully over the New Year!

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