Giant “Chaoshan fishing dumplings”, temporarily not famous

Recently, I found a small shop in Futian Village. They specialize in making Puning Xishuhe Lao jiaozi and Lao mein. The Lao Jiaozi are fresh every day.Soon after it opened, it attracted a lot of support from the neighborhood, and it’s open 24 hours a day, so you can come anytime you want.When filming, the boss said that the business would start on the fifth day of the lunar New Year (today), but to avoid empty space, be sure to call to confirm before going.”Every day now package, green onion, pork, shrimp stuffing,” the store’s dumplings are divided into three periods of time every day package, we went to catch up with the noon package of the wave, two little brother skilled will be a good dumpling package code on the plate.Dumpling fillings as long as one, including pork, scallions, shrimp and so on…The younger brother says this is boss secret recipe, can’t reveal again.”Pot 7 minutes, doused with secret garlic sauce” wrapped dumplings, boil for 7-8 minutes or so out of the pot, drain the water on the plate, doused with a spoonful of soul secret garlic sauce, more can stimulate the aroma of dumplings.There are nine dumplings in each plate, each one very plump. When you bite into it, the flavors of scallions and pork intertwine in your mouth, and the spicy pepper overcomes the bitter scallions and the fishy pork.Love spicy food, remember to dip their homemade chili sauce, taste more fresh oh.”A fish dumplings, a bowl of soup” and “brand green grass soup, the sweet sweet” to regular store, basic it is a fish dumplings + the collocation of a bowl of soup, we tasted grass soup, their house is made of some wild coriander with minced meat and cooked into soup, broth has a special green fragrance, can have the sweet drink have a throat, sweet throat.”Xi She another signboard, Lao mian” Lao mian is another of their signboards, the most popular is the brisket Lao mian, just out of the pot of Lao mian hot, on the table after a mix, will brisket, sauce flavor and fusion.Hand-made noodles sent from home are thick and chewy, accompanied by fragrant beef brisket, and a bowl of great satisfaction.”Lu rou Lo Roll ji” personal favorite is lo Lo roll, simply hot out of the pot, doused with a spoonful of lu Rou sauce, served to smell the thick aroma, cake roll tender and solid, with a light rice fragrance.”24-hour Shop” on Fuan Street in Futian village is not big, but tidy.The shop looks like a family operation, Lao Jiao Lao mian is mainly by two young brother dozen, point single order is they do everything.When we went to the afternoon market has passed, but there are still neighbors to help, until the afternoon tea, as soon as the door clerk will ask “what would you like to eat”, meet familiar neighbors, will also talk a few words.”Boiled dumplings, to grab from the baby” West society huang Chao ji Lao dumplings Lao mian per capita:35 YUAN · Address · 57 Fuan Street, Futian District · Business hours · all-day operation (subject to the specific store site) · Phone · 13534267678 · Traffic · Chiwei Station, Metro Line 7, Exit D – TIPS -① Drive to the nearby community parking lot for green travel suggestionsShop no environment to speak of don’t have to if you special mind went to (3) when shooting The boss said its annual fifth (today) will open but to avoid fan The air, to be sure to call before confirm photography | Cong design 丨 phi phi “micro fat is one of The best figure” – – The End

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