Fill gaps in China ice and snow acceleration

Yan Wengang switched from long jump to skeleton bobsled, Fan Duoyao switched from cross-country skiing to bobsled, Peng Qingyue and Song Qiwu switched from track and field to ski jump, and Peng Junyue switched from basketball to double bobsled…This list is not a simple list, but represents the talent path of China Snow and ice in just six and a half years, how to overcome the difficulties and achieve the strategy of “all events” in the Beijing Winter Olympics.Back on July 31, 2015, when Ioc President Thomas Bach announced that Beijing had won the right to host the 2022 Winter Olympic Games at the 128th SESSION of the IOC, nearly one-third of the events of the Winter Olympic Games had never actually been held in China.China’s Yan Wengang won bronze in the men’s skeleton bobsled at the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics.How to make China achieve the strategic goal of participating in all events in a short period of six and a half years? The answer is “cross-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary selection of materials”. China has thus begun the difficult exploration of “filling up the gaps” in snow and ice.On February 11, the bright five-star red flag was raised in the Yanqing competition area. The “Snow Dragon” witnessed the historic moment of China’s steel frame snowmobiles.In the men’s skeleton bobsled, Yan Wengang won an unexpected bronze medal for the Chinese team, while Yin Zheng, another Chinese athlete, finished fifth and set a track start record twice.It only took six and a half years for The China Steel Frame Snow team to reach the podium in 2022 from the establishment of the national training team in 2015 through “cross-disciplinary and cross-sport selection”.After more than five years of training and preparation, Yan Wengang, a long jumper who was once afraid of riding roller coasters in amusement parks, has become a new man. He has fallen in love with the feeling of “flying close to the ground” on a steel-frame snowcart.Fan Duoyao, who switched from cross-country skiing to bobsled, also showed his best performance in the Snow Dragon course, ranking 24th among all the competitors after three rounds.Fan duoyao was satisfied with his debut at the Winter Olympics. “It means a lot for me to make breakthroughs in the Olympic Games and create the first result for the Chinese bobsled team in the Winter Olympics. It’s a result after years of hard work.”Wang Peixuan, who trained folk dance and javelin throw, made her debut in the individual event of Chinese women’s luge at the Winter Olympics.Huang Yebo, trained in sprinter, and Peng Junyue, trained in basketball, are now the hope of China’s double luge team. They won the 17th place in men’s double luge at the Beijing Winter Olympic Games. President Bach immediately congratulated them and encouraged them to keep good condition, and promised to meet them again in Milan in four years.For a long time, ski jumping and Nordic combined have been difficult problems for China’s snow events.At the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, The Chinese sports delegation for the first time in the ski jumping mixed team standard platform, Nordic two men’s individual standard platform +10 km, men’s individual standard platform +10 km events have Chinese athletes.Dong Bing, 25, is a former Nordic combined athlete who switched to ski jumping after finishing second in the Intercontinental Cup and winning points in the Masters. Now he wants to compete in the Olympics.Peng Qingyue and Song Qiwu, both former track and field athletes, began to show their talents after joining the cross-sport ski jumping team.In the Nordic combined competition, Zhao Jiwen, born in 2001, represented China’s first Nordic combined stage in the Winter Olympics.Zhao started cross-country skiing training at the age of 12. In 2017, he was selected to the Nordic Combined national training team through cross-sport selection. He has both cross-country skiing and ski jumping.The first gold medal in Nordic combined was decided on February 9. Zhao Jiayen ranked 43rd, making a breakthrough for Chinese athletes in this event.”Cross-disciplinary and cross-disciplinary material selection” has realized the “expanded development” of snow and ice sports, which has played a key role in breaking the long-standing pattern of “strong summer and weak winter” and “strong ice and weak snow”.It not only breaks the “space barrier” for the development of snow and ice sports and enrichis the “talent reserve” of snow and ice sports, but also complements various shortcomings by complementing each other’s advantages, providing strong support for the development, team building, training and participation of all events in China’s snow and ice sports.This time, China’s ice and snow athletes achieved “full participation and full glory” in the home sports grand event. China’s ice and snow athletes also accelerated by “making up shortcomings and filling gaps”.

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