Childhood fun eight: Smashing birds’ eggs

For naughty children, adults often use the word “naughty” to describe.For city kids, it’s possible to be naughty, but not necessarily disruptive.The reason is that nests are hard to see in the city, which makes it hard to make mischief.And for naughty rural children, with “naughty” to describe the more appropriate.Rural birds nest, naughty rural children often pound birds nest in the eggs.Remember when I was a child, in addition to the lush bamboo forest around the yard, there are several large eucalyptus trees.Bamboos, birds, sparrows, thrush, dove, sparrow, they put the bird’s nest is built in low or water bamboo bambusa multiplex, among others the bird’s nest is built in four or five meters tall bamboo fork off the ground, some for the sake of safety, is built in the bird’s nest on the ground to ten meters of eucalyptus, partners at the same time of hide and seek, and often find a bird’s nest, bird’s nest.When I was a child pound bird nest, mainly take birds nest inside the eggs.At that time, the eggs of the family were sold by adults on the street to buy salt and kerosene for home lighting. The eggs in the nest became egg substitutes for their friends.Because there were many birds and nests at that time, birds’ eggs were particularly easy to pound.However, it is easy to pound the nests in the bamboo forest, but to pour the nests on the eucalyptus tree depends on a certain amount of kung fu, without a certain climbing kung fu and courage, had to look at the nests on the eucalyptus tree.That year, there is a “Monkey King” in our small partners, he is not only courageous, and climb like a monkey, a 10 meters high eucalyptus tree, he hugged like a monkey, soon can climb up.Once, in order to show his skill, the “Monkey King” easily climbed into a large sparrow nest built in a eucalyptus tree. When he got close to the nest, he smashed the eggs inside, but unexpectedly he pulled out a snake.Originally, patronize sparrow nest, not only is “Monkey King”, greedy snake was also interested!This “early bird” snake, the tree of the “Monkey King” and look under the tree we scared a big jump!After such a scare, my little friend and I rarely hit the nest.

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