Learning Chinese is 100 times more important than you think

No matter you are a pursuing student, or an excellent parent who cares about your child’s study and future.We more or less know, even experience, the importance of learning a language well.But what you might not expect is that it could be 100 times more important than we thought.After you calm down and read this article, it may bring us more new thinking. Here I would like to discuss this issue in two stages.Chinese is the subject we are exposed to when we are born. Some children, even before they are born, receive prenatal Chinese education in their mother’s stomach.Chinese culture, extensive and profound, in each stage can be found suitable for our study of reading.From “Three Character Classic”, “Li Weng Duyun” to tang poetry and Song ci;From Shiji to Classical Splendor to the Four Books and five Classics.In fact, we may not realize the true mystery of these classics for a long time.At first do not understand the song, then listen to the time has not read.At our school stage, the Examination of The Chinese subject must be a difficult task.For many people, this meme may be a barrier.River lake legend, poor performance in “the difference between the students and students with excellent grades in English, students with excellent grades students struggle with excellent results in mathematics, students with excellent grades and the dispute of god is language in the” analysis of the tests, the entrance examination results are excellent students learn gods of basic English and math are full marks or close to full marks, as for the physical chemistry of biological disciplines, everyone equally.Only is the language, the college entrance examination can go up 130 points, the examination can go up 110 points of outstanding results of students are rare, outstanding students in the Language subject difference of more than ten or even dozens of points is very common, this is what we often say, open the gap between outstanding students and learning god is the score of language.All corners of the country still has rumoured, one cent one playground, you know take an examination of the examinee of same cent, be to press what kind of principle will admit?Let’s take a look at the admission principle of the 2020 Beijing College Entrance Examination general batch. If the examinee has the same total score, the Chinese score will be considered first.In fact, many colleges and universities have adopted the same admission method many years ago, that is, students with high Chinese scores will be admitted first when their total scores are the same.Not only Beijing, other provinces to take an examination of the same score examinee, also mostly by this principle will be admitted.Mark is same examinee admit a rule “get language person to get the world” is not an empty talk absolutely, no matter be in basic education stage, still be in college entrance examination and even adult college entrance examination, actually the position of language is the first.This is because Chinese is the basis for learning other subjects.In recent years, the teaching reform has been changing constantly, and more attention has been paid to the reform of Chinese subject.Before many people do not pay attention to Chinese, feel that we are not far apart, as long as the other subjects do well on the line, ignoring Chinese learning.Spend time and energy to test out the high score, the same score, the final ranking was inferior to others.Therefore, we must attach importance to the study of Language.Secondly, literature is bad, mathematics may even read don’t understand the subject, now there is a mathematical subject inspecting the tendency of language competence in mathematics language power of expression such as ShuangJian Beijing chaoyang district and dongcheng district after this mathematical subject has appeared in a test paper, not only require children to answer, and explain the reason to use language.This proposition tendency, in fact, is also associated with the reform of the college entrance examination.Mathematics is still and take an examination of language ability, let alone other subjects, interested friends can go to browse in recent years of each section high examination questions, you can discover layout more and more, the word count of the topic is more and more.In fact, this is the examinee’s reading speed and reading comprehension ability is getting higher and higher.Now, we finally realize why Chinese is the mother of encyclopedia learning!Therefore, if you want to change your fate by reading, please pay attention to the study of Chinese.The best time to plant a tree was ten years ago, the next best time is now.Because, after you enter society, language still will perforate in your work and life.2. The importance of Chinese learning after entering the society Learning Chinese well helps us improve the following abilities, reading comprehension, oral and written expression.You don’t think, you left the school, into the society, do not have to take exams, there is no pressure to go to school, it seems that the Language is no longer so important.Even if you don’t write a love letter or chat on wechat, you can’t always have three words, I miss you, I love you, or four words, I like you.Also, when you want to send high forced case of the circle of friends, is there a book to use square hate less helpless.Married, children go to school, the teacher asked parents write a feeling after participated in the activities, and even make a speech for a job also write a cover letter, in the process of work to do a job summary, write a report, and the guest’s email communication, coordination between departments, everywhere need language of art and children get married also have to say a few words, though, we don’t have to reach jack ma,Yu Minhong’s level of speech makes people feel excited and excited, not to mention the 50 states like the US presidential campaign.At the very least, we have to make sure that we don’t get cheated by writing an agreement in our lives.

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