The film highlights Xiaoping to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Comrade Deng Xiaoping’s death

“Today, I retraced xiaoping’s path and learned the ordinary side of the great man through the movie. I was deeply moved.”On February 19, the 25th anniversary of The death of Comrade Deng Xiaoping, deng Xiaoping Alley, a revolutionary film produced by Emei Film Group, was screened at the 1958 E Film City.Sixty teenagers, college students and citizens from all walks of life watched the film together, expressing their deep respect and infinite nostalgia for the chief designer of China’s socialist reform, opening up and modernization.There are thousands of roads in the world, but Xiaoping Trail is the only one.Film trail deng xiaoping brings together the famous writer, famous director xianhe lei wang xingdong, the famous actor items such as first-class production team composed of filmmakers, the generation great man deng xiaoping once lived, fought, through the big screen to present deng xiaoping in nanchang on the outskirts of the original county new tractor repair factory labor life of three years and four months.Film to father and son love as the entrance, depicting the great man ordinary real ordinary side;From the communication with the masses of grass-roots workers, it reveals deng Xiaoping’s thinking about the destiny of the party and the country, and reveals the ideological track of the great practice of China’s reform and opening up.Just as the film shows, a country road leads to the broad road of reform and opening-up, hence the name of the film deng Xiaoping Trail.”The whole story is simple and simple, yet moving.Every time they see deng Xiaoping’s faith and dedication in the face of adversity, they weep.I would like to express my special thanks to Emei Film Studio, Jiangxi Film Studio and other film producers for presenting this masterpiece that reflects the patience and care of Chinese filmmakers, pays tribute to the great man and presents a tribute to The Times.”Point after the end of the film, emei famous scriptwriting producer Qian Daoyuan said with emotion.”Some young people today are not familiar with Deng Xiaoping’s life and the social situation at that time. For people our age, it brings back many memories and makes them feel very real.”The day after the movie, 58, the citizens of Mr Zhang thinks, “deng xiaoping trail” has historical value, in memory of the death of comrade deng xiaoping the 25th anniversary of the day, emei film group held a sites like mirror, the movie play for young people to see, is of special significance, can make more understand the younger generation, only to history as a mirror, the road will go better in the future.”We hope that more young people can watch this film in the future, learn more about how China’s reform and opening-up came along, cherish today’s hard-won achievements and better understand a great man.Such people have strong will, dedication and struggle, put the interests of the people above all else, and have finally achieved great achievements.”A person in charge of Emei Film Group said that in order to comprehensively promote the study and education of Party history and enrich the learning forms, films can also be a good textbook for party history study and education.In the future, Emei Film Group will continue to hold various forms of film watching activities, through the form of “film Party class”, actively create a strong atmosphere to study the history of the Party, so that the study of the history of the Party education in a silent way to really walk into life.Huaxi community media reporter Peng Rong photography Lai Hao

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