Guizhou Sansui Economic Development Zone: Continue to pay attention to the safety work of enterprises in the zone

Sansui Economic Development Zone earnestly implements the requirements of work safety and epidemic prevention and control at all levels, carries out regular supervision and research focusing on work safety and epidemic prevention and control, promotes the implementation of safety responsibilities, and promotes the stable and safe operation of enterprises in the zone.”People entering and leaving the country must do a good job of registration, temperature measurement and code scanning. Nucleic acid testing requirements must be strictly implemented in accordance with relevant regulations.”The person in charge of party construction office of Guizhou Sansui Economic Development Zone checked the relevant working materials of the enterprise and told the responsible comrade of the enterprise.”Epidemic prevention and control, work safety should not be slackened, please contact us, we will be the first time to the scene.”To park enterprise supervision and epidemic prevention and control of work safety in production its cadres to the enterprise examination work safety in production since this year, three guangzhou economic development zone in guizhou organizes all cadres and workers in accordance with the requirements for epidemic prevention and control and the safety in production work, organized group of 17 times 151 person-time, in-depth visits park enterprises, pays special attention to the epidemic prevention and control and safety in production field supervision work of “double row”,And through the wechat group to issue relevant work tips.Require companies to epidemic prevention and control and the safe production of alert, enhancing the epidemic prevention and control, to keep the safe production of “responsibility farmland”, resolutely resist blind optimism and lax war-weariness, fluky psychology and sloppy thinking, consciously shouldering the responsibility of production safety responsibility and enterprise, head of the first, cogent accomplish epidemic prevention and control and safe production “to combine, the hands are hard”,Ensure safe, stable and orderly operation of enterprises.It is reported that Guizhou Sansui Economic Development Zone took the opportunity of carrying out in-depth visits to villages, communities and enterprises to visit the masses, and made solid efforts in epidemic prevention and control and work safety in responsible areas.For days, governs incorruptibly the working committee leadership, and actively contact rural and logistics enterprise, visit investigation, discussion, understand the village public opinion, listen to enterprise and employee demands, completes the disease prevention and control, safety production, such as forest fire prevention propaganda work, and organization development zone all party member the leading cadre to contact visit pairing recipients of more than 400 people,We learned about work and life, carried out publicity campaigns on epidemic prevention and control, employment and entrepreneurship policies, and took active steps to consolidate and expand poverty alleviation efforts and effectively link them with rural vitalization.Correspondent Yang Chenghui editor Luo Longyi editor Wu Ziyong

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