Love flower: Jin Yong’s genius creation

The return of the Condor Heroes has been called jin Yong’s love letter.As the second part of the Condor Trilogy, The Return of the Condor Heroes is less imposing than The Legend of the Condor Heroes, but it is more delicate and rich in describing the love between men and women.Guo Jing, the hero of “The Condor Heroes”, is a “Confucian chivalrous man” in the traditional sense. Although he is dull in qualification, resolute and honest, he is a man of iron and bone. He pays attention to “serving the country and the people and being a great chivalrous man”.And “condor Heroes” in Yang Guo, but slowly to “road xia” transition.Although smart and flexible, gifted, the main experience is with those around the beauty “cut constantly, the reason is chaotic.”Hong Kong famous female writer Yanni Lin once wrote an article to Jin Yong, mentioned that “Yang Guo lost his life when I saw him” words, is to the point.With his handsome appearance, outstanding martial arts skills and sweet mouth, Yang Guo is regarded as jin Yong’s number one lover.Not only the young dragon nv of fanghua dynasty is dead set on him, the other women sacrifice for him like Gongsun green calyx, Lu Wushuang, Cheng Ying, Guo Xiang for his life does not marry, in fact, the guo Fu that seems to be a dead rival also changed the fate because of him, as for the people such as Ye Law Yan and Wanyan Ping more or less to Yang Guo “have so a little meaning”.Even, even “red training fairy” Li Mo Chou can also count.However, a close reading of the original works shows that the Return of the Condor Heroes is a bitter drama.Yang Guo and Xiaolongnu are a pair of people made in heaven, but also a vigorous and vigorous, “day incomplete ground lack” of love (Yang Guo broke arm, xiaolongnu lost her virginity).In the eyes of outsiders, this is a pair of “only envy mandarin duck not envy fairy” soul mate, actually gather less from more, suffer.Hans Christian Andersen, the fairy tale writer who never married, explained the nature of love. He said, “The essence of love is constant pain. The only cure is that she loves you enough.”Jin fans know that Cha once had a crush on famous movie star Xia Meng, but had no choice but to marry Luo Fu.Therefore, although his novel is about martial arts, apart from the martial arts, it is actually a love story.Its depth compared with Qiong Yao aunt, DO not know how many times higher.The author thinks, “Condor Heroes” wonderful outstanding place, is not that it shaped so many bright personality, no similar feeling of beauty image, but genius to create the “love flower” this thing.His artistic achievements are no less than those of Li Yu, Li Qingzhao and He Zhu, who wrote “sorrow” in a concrete and palpable way: “Asking how much sorrow you can have is like a river of spring water flowing east.””Only fear double creek As a boat, carry many worries.””If you ask how much leisure.A chuan tobacco, full city wind flocculant.When plums turn yellow, it rains.”…In the 17th episode of “The Valley of Unfeeling”, Jin Yong shows the characteristics of “love flower” (actually the characteristics of “love”) very vividly through the meeting and conversation between Yang Guo and Gongsun Lujia, which makes people move.One, the taste of love flower “the entrance is sweet, sweet like honey, more slightly drunk drunk wine, is feeling all smooth, but chewed a few times, but there is a bitter taste, to be spit out, like feel reluctant to give up, to swallow into the belly, and a little hard to swallow.In the valley of unfeeling, partial birth of love flowers, this is the strange in the strange.And love flower taste sweet, then bitter, the key is difficult to choose.Where is this writing flowers, is clearly writing feelings.”The branches are full of small thorns, the color of the petals is delicate and charming, like hibiscus but more fragrant, mountain tea and colorful.”More strange is, love flower branches and leaves have obvious small thorns, “flower behind hidden small thorns”, Yang Guo is very careful, but still will finger prick damage.Does this mean that feelings hurt and cannot be guarded against?”If you are stung by the thorn of the love flower, you cannot move the longing for you within twelve hours, or you will suffer greatly.”Three, the name of love flower why called this name?In the words of Gong Sun’s green sepal, Jin Yong said, “Love is like things. The taste is sweet, the aftertaste is bitter, and you are covered all over with thorns.It is partly because of these qualities that people have given it such a name.”Four, love flower poison why twelve hours can not love it?Because “the sting of the love flower is poisonous.For when a man is moved by lust, not only does the blood increase, but something unknown is produced in the blood.The poison on the love flower sting is harmless at ordinary times, but when it comes to these things in the blood, I can’t be hurt immediately.”If Cha’s biological explanation is materialistic, hopefully biologists will soon be able to analyze the composition of these substances in bleeding.The fruit of the flower “may be green or red, some mixed with green and red, and mossy fine flowers appear, just like caterpillars.”Not only look very ugly, and “can not eat”, “some sour, some spicy, some more smelly, people want to vomit.”Yang Guo ask: “don’t have sweet as honey of yao?”Gongsun Green calyx looked at him and said, “Yes, there are, but you wouldn’t know it from the outside of the fruit. Some are very ugly and strange. They are sweet, but those ugly fruits may not be sweet until you try them yourself.The fruit of ten is nine bitter, so people never eat it.”This psychological activity of Yang Guo below, is jin Yong Lao Don the conclusion that gives love next?”Although she was talking about love flowers, it seemed to be a metaphor for love between men and women.Is it true that the love of acacia, though sweet at the beginning, must be bitter afterwards?Is it true that a man and a woman who fall in love with each other end up being more or less ugly?Do I miss my aunt so much that one day…”…Have to admire, jin Yong with its extraordinary talent and rich experience, will “love flower” this kind of seems to have no real things described so appropriate, to the human world of love and nature of the law and painting a vivid picture.

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