CAI Bin was appointed as the head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team again. Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team saw her off and looked forward to the new cycle of China women’s Volleyball team

On February 10th, CAI Bin was appointed head coach of China Women’s Volleyball Team at the training center of Jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau.In 2014, CAI Bin led jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team to win the 2017 National Games and 2016-2017 Women’s Volleyball Super League championship, and was elected as the league’s best head coach, training a large number of excellent athletes for the national team and Jiangsu Team.CAI Bin has been emphasizing teamwork since he became a teacher in 2014. Volleyball is always a team project, and it is not easy to play the ball without a team. Every player needs to play his part on the court.At yesterday’s gala meeting, jiangsu Provincial Sports Bureau and athletes’ representatives gave CAI Bin commemorative gifts and flowers to thank him for his dedication and help to Jiangsu Women’s Volleyball Team. CAI Bin also expressed his gratitude to Jiangsu Province.Gong Xiangyu commented on CAI Bin like this: “CAI Dao has a sense of responsibility and a general view. She has trained many excellent athletes in Jiangsu for so many years, including herself. He directly mentioned the first team to give her an earlier opportunity to participate in the senior league and show her talents in the league.Special: because his foundation is weak, CAI guide brings up the words of his dozen league, also be CAI guide to oneself of a kind of trust, also be to oneself of an opportunity, this still thank him very much.CAI Bin will leave Jiangsu province after eight years of service to prepare for the selection and training of the new National women’s Volleyball team. This will be the second time for the 55-year-old CAI Bin to be the head coach of the National women’s Volleyball Team.In the next two years, The Chinese women’s Volleyball team will have the Asian Games in Hangzhou, the 2022 World Championships and the 2024 Paris Olympic Games. CAI Bin also revealed his expectation for the future of the Chinese women’s volleyball team and strive for good results in the World Championships.

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