Art techniques | seven, the steps of peony writing

Zhou Yansheng teaches you the steps of peony writing method 1, dip in white powder with the sheep pen first, dip in eosin, dip in rouge will be outside the flower bud petals.2. Draw the whole flower bud on the basis of the first step. Pay attention to the size and shape of the flower bud when drawing.3. Finish with a heavy red.4, with the method of drawing flower buds, first draw the blooming corolla.5, with the heavier red to finish, pay attention to the shade of color, the change of petals, and then use white pink hook silk, with pink yellow (white powder plus teng yellow) point pollen.6, with grass green (teng Huang hua qing) tone light ink dipped in rouge after dipping heavy ink painting calyx, with light grass green painting twigs and leaf stalks.Dip the grass green in cyan and draw the leaves, then tie the ribs with heavy ink.Zhou Yansheng, guangzhou academy of fine arts professor, supervisor of postgraduate, Zhou Yansheng art academy dean, a visiting professor at the renmin university of China, member of China artists association, director of the institute of contemporary Chinese claborate-style painting, director of guangdong artists association, the guangdong accredited painter, art academies literary history librarian in guangdong province, central literary history painting and calligraphy institute researcher, one of the top ten famous lingnan school.

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