What is the best way to maintain your car

After the car, how to maintain the best policy?To xiaobian said, spending a small amount of money to extend the life of the car is king.In fact, the maintenance of this matter, not so mysterious in the legend, just pay attention to a few key points, no need to go to the 4S shop to report, you can move at home.Now let xiaobian, to give you said.The oil in the oil filter plays a role in lubricating the engine, but the oil has a service life. The general mineral oil is 5000 kilometers or replaced half a year, if the semi-synthetic oil is 7500 kilometers, it is ok to replace it once, if the synthetic oil is 10,000 kilometers or replaced once a year.When changing the oil, the oil filter should also be replaced together. We need to remind you that if your car can only run two or three thousand kilometers a year, it is recommended that you add full synthetic oil to replace it once a year.Air filter and air conditioning filter general automotive maintenance is to replace the oil and three filters, the three filters contain air filter and air conditioning filter, these two things are normally 10,000 kilometers to replace once, five thousand kilometers can be taken out with air pump blowing to continue to use.Every 10000 km of vehicle, do not change these two things in order to save money, the air filter dirty engine intake will be less, resulting in weak acceleration, air conditioning filter dirty air conditioning will not cool, blowing out of the wind and smell.Engine antifreeze antifreeze mainly plays a role in cooling the engine. Under normal circumstances, it is replaced once every 2 years or 40,000 kilometers.If in the usual use of the process, we found the lack of antifreeze, you can add a little to it, but remember not to add tap water or pure water, not to use tap water instead of antifreeze, the first easy scale, the second winter will freeze the water tank.Transmission oil is divided into automatic transmission and manual transmission. In general, automatic transmission oil is recommended to be replaced every 2 years or 40,000 kilometers, but some models can use a longer time, for example, a Japanese model of 6-80 thousand kilometers to replace once is ok.Compared with the automatic transmission, the hand transmission will save more worry, generally every 3 years or 80 thousand kilometers to replace a transmission oil on the line.Speaking from experience, usually pay attention to the above mentioned several points, the extension of the life of the car is more than just talk.

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