Today, “Start of Spring”, I have a good news to tell you…

The footsteps of spring “Spring has returned, look at the beauty head, madadayo spring flags.Gratuitous wind and rain, not willing to end the residual cold.”Xin Qiji, a poet of the Song Dynasty, wrote the phrase “Start of Spring”.The beginning of Spring is the first of the 24 solar terms. It is also known as the First month Festival, the Old festival, the old Dan and so on.Stand, is “beginning” meaning;Spring represents warmth and growth.Astronomically speaking, the beginning of spring is the beginning of all things and the meaning of rebirth, which means that a new cycle has been opened.In the folk, the beginning of Spring has auspicious meaning.The beginning of Spring is one of the “four Li”, which refers to the beginning of spring, summer, autumn and winter in ancient times. Its agricultural significance is “planting in spring, growing in summer, harvesting in autumn and storing in winter”.The beginning of Spring is of great significance to the traditional farming society, and its folk functions have been preserved up to now, such as offering prayers to ancestors, exorcizing evil spirits and bringing good fortune, eliminating the old and bringing new things, etc.Although the sky today is still some haze, but the wet cold lingering rain finally temporarily ended a paragraph.And, the city weather station forecaster has a good news to tell you: tomorrow, the long-unseen sunshine will appear!”According to the latest meteorological monitoring shows, from 4th to 6th, the city is mainly cloudy to overcast weather, of which the 5th is expected to see sunshine, but affected by the cold air, the temperature is still low, 5 ~ 6 morning in the northern part of the urban area of the lowest temperature -1 ~ 1℃, there is frost or ice;Other urban areas 4 ~ 6℃, frost.People should continue to keep warm to prevent colds.”‘said the forecaster.As the Chinese New Year holiday is half over, people should take advantage of the rare fine weather to go outdoors, get together with friends or watch a Chinese New Year movie. People returning from the northern part of the western China or high altitude areas should be aware of the adverse impact of icy roads on traffic and drive with caution.From the evening of the 6th to the evening of the 7th, influenced by the south branch trough and the lower level cutting edge, there was another round of obvious precipitation process, the city had moderate rain, local heavy rain, ushered in the first day of work after the festival had better go out in advance, to avoid being stuck in the road.When will this rainy, cold weather end?City observatory forecaster said, during the start of spring phase change, temperature, sunshine, rainfall began to tend to rise, increase, but the remaining cold did not do, so “start of spring” is not equal to the beginning of spring, sunny, flowers and birds spring did not really come.In terms of climatology, spring begins with the average daily temperature above 10℃ for 5 consecutive days, and winter in Ningde lasts for more than one month at least.Source: Mindong Daily · New Ningde client reporter Lin Jun Editor: Lin Cuihui Review: Yang Chaoyi [this is Ningde network, thank you for reading] Ningde network mobile terminal matrix “You say I do” news hotline: 2876799

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