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“When I was back in my hometown, I never saw such things, let alone knew how to plant and manage them. Now with the help of the company, I can not only learn technology, but also get a salary every month.”In yongning county Minning town yuan Long village in an agricultural base, immigrant Feng Xiuqing is busy shuttling in the warm shed, for her, the arrival of enterprises, as opened a window, let oneself experience a new world.Fish drinking water, organic fruits and vegetables to eat, even pitaya, figs, prunes the southern fruit, are now appear in the MinNing town original lung village of ningxia jia min leisure agriculture picking garden, the arrival of the enterprise not only brought the advanced agricultural production management technology and ideas, more led local farmers have opened up a persevering.Stepping into the facility’s greenhouse, sturgeon and koi swim in the circulating water happily, tomatoes and celery grow vigorously, lettuce and strawberry drink “nutrient water” on the A-type three-dimensional cultivation rack. The harmonious picture of fish and vegetables symbiosis is A “showcase” for local enterprises to transform and upgrade facility agriculture through technology.In addition to the application of new technologies, the company has planted more than 10 new varieties since last year, hoping to boost rural revitalization through the development of picking economy.Reporters came to a greenhouse to see, rows of pitaya grow happy, and a few months can mature on the market.Dragon fruit is originally a southern fruit, but now appears in the northern greenhouse.Moreover, under the guidance of local enterprises, south Taihu Tezao grape and other southern fruits have been planted in the Golden Beach.It hopes to make use of the advantages of the integration of agriculture and tourism in Minning town to build the picking garden into a “net red spot” for rural tourism and a “card place” for pastoral scenery experience, with unique and rich agricultural products and fruits and vegetables as highlights, and “collect gold” in the picking economy.The head of the park told reporters that with the development of the park, more and more workers are employed, providing a good place for nearby villagers to work nearby.”The greenhouse is inseparable from people. We also have a place to work nearby, so we can make money.”Hai Zhenglan, an immigrant who works in the park, said setting up a business on her doorstep makes her life more hopeful.It is reported that by the end of 2021, Minning town has introduced all kinds of enterprises 34, a lot of capital, technology to invest in this hot land, the formation of characteristic planting and breeding, photovoltaic power generation and other pillar industries, only all kinds of greenhouse will reach 642.At present, through dividends, employment and land transfer, immigration to achieve stable income increase, the town’s annual per capita net income of 15,000 yuan, compared with 1997 increased by nearly 30 times.(reporter Sun Nan) Statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address:

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