Shouyang: winter send spring couplets ink warm people

CPPCC members calligrapher’s hand in hand to the villagers home writing Spring Festival couplets Yuan-yuan li Perturbation of the Yellow River network jinzhong dispatch (reporter Xiu-qing li correspondent Yuan-yuan li) recently, the thing that Chinese people’s political consultative conference (CPPCC) culture and art group members calligrapher’s hand in hand into flat town mountain village, SongDa Town lacebark pine village, to carry out the “hand in hand calligrapher, services in one line” Spring Festival couplets theme public welfare activities.Yan Huanying, director of the County CPPCC Calligraphy and Painting Association, vice chairman and secretary general of the Association said: “Go to the grassroots, send wanfu public welfare activities, is an extension of the CPPCC ‘consultation in the front line’ work, is to study and implement the fifth plenary session of the 14th county Party Committee specific action.Although these are small actions, it is through small actions like these that the CPPCC truly achieves its goal of connecting with the people and serving them on a regular basis.”Activities, 19 culture and art to the group members and 16 counties calligrapher closely around the “literature and art to serve the people, serve the socialist” center, splash-ink, picking up the scene each write a praise to villagers, the significance of the Spring Festival couplets good luck, happy life with Spring Festival couplets content delivery good family trait, carry forward the positive energy, the party’s concern to the people at the grass-roots level.CPPCC members and calligrapher also visited and consoled villagers with mobility difficulties, poor families, families of military martyrs and five guarantees, leaving warm figures beside the table of the pot, the edge of the kang and the stove.[Edit: Bing Yi]

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