Liu Qiangdong steps down as CEO of

Employees at’s publicity department were happy recently that they had achieved their ultimate wish of “letting the boss do his job”.The KPI of the publicity department was completed by Liu himself, who spent a day in Hot Search on the news that he was stepping down as CEO of Lei will replace Liu Qiangdong as CEO of, the company announced on April 7.At the same time, Xu lei will join jd’s board as an executive director.Liu qiangdong will continue to serve as chairman of jd’s board of Directors, while focusing on the company’s long-term strategic design, major strategic decisions and deployment, training of young leading talents and rural revitalization.This means, “second in command” Xu Lei formally receive liu Qiangdong, jingdong group to become the apparent head coach.Like founders huang Zheng and Zhang Yiming who have taken a back seat, Liu will focus more on the company’s long-term strategy.As for who the new head of JINGdong is, Xiaoyu will not introduce more, we only need to know two points: 1. After liu Qiangdong’s incident in Mingzhou, jingdong’s brand image was severely damaged, and xu Lei was put out of the fire before the stage.2. Xu also led the design of’s 618 shopping festival.In his opinion, promotion can be done for 20 days, and traffic can also be guided by marketing rhythm, but consumers must remember a symbol. In 2014, JINGdong 618 shopping Festival was officially born.Such a resume, as the new head of jingdong, should be enough?The future of JD?According to the financial report, JD’s annual net income in 2021 was 951.6 billion yuan, and in 2020 it was 745.8 billion yuan, up 27.6% year on year.The net loss attributable to common shareholders was 3.6 billion yuan, compared with a net profit of 49.4 billion yuan for the full year of 2020.Now, in the context of the overall stall of the Internet industry,’s performance is still “capable”. After taking over as CEO, Xu Lei will be more flexible in business management and adjustment.Here is a quick survey. When the new leader takes office, which section of JD do you think he will adjust first?Is just become bigger and stronger jingdong logistics?Or jingxi, which is frequently rumored to be laying off workers?Or will you continue to focus on your own product line?Regarding the opening of jingdong online store for ordinary businesses, the change of CEO of Jingdong does not seem to have a great impact, but in the e-commerce race, it is very important to open or not open a jingdong online store.We are all familiar with the three e-commerce giants, each with their own advantages and strengths, interested friends, you can read the previous article.For JINGdong, we feel that the logistics and express delivery are very good, after-sales reaction is timely, 3C product category is strong, the brand official flagship store has prominent advantages.If you value customer experience and are selling 3C products, opening a shop on JD is a good choice.With Liu Qiangdong’s further delegation of power, it also marks the head of the three e-commerce platforms alibaba, JINGdong, Pinduoduo have completed the replacement of the head of the head of the e-commerce platform, perhaps the new round of competition has just begun.What kind of situation do you expect in the future?Will there be new rivals?

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