Heping Fifth Primary School and Heping District Central Primary School “Cloud” joint study of primary school

Tianjin North Net News:Recently, heping district 5 kindergartens and heping district central primary school to carry out the line between infant joint research activity, and from zhouqu county, gansu province, jingyuan, huining, shijiazhuang city, hebei province, tianjin thistle obviously, baodi support area, calm sea area such as partnerships and more than two hundred primary school teachers around the “laws and learning characteristics of children’s cognitive development” theme this communication.During the activity, Heping Fifth Primary school and Heping Central Primary School respectively introduced the practical experience and achievements of the kindergarten and school in the early stage of the work of linking up children and primary schools.Later, the teachers of Heping No. 5 Kindergarten and the central primary school shared their experience in the work of connecting children with children based on the characteristics of the non-classmate section, and discussed with the teachers of the matching kindergarten and school.Peace Five Kindergarten principal Chen Qiang:Linkage research is “the online school garden, in-depth implementation of the Ministry of Education about promote the guidance of kindergarten and elementary school science cohesion” and “tianjin deepened in kindergarten and elementary school science cohesion implementation plan” and “peace” to further advance the kindergarten and elementary school science cohesive work of several initiatives, one of the important activities,Purpose is around the realistic requirement of the current kindergarten and elementary school science cohesion, from ‘ ‘and’ to be ready for school admission to adapt to constantly improve both effective home (school) collaboration and joint cooperation, mutual integration of work mechanism, through the study and to form a learning community, strengthen teachers in child development, curriculum, teaching and management of communication,To further reach a consensus on education, for kindergarten teachers and primary school teachers to build a bridge to connect the work of interaction.”The reporter understands, peace five baby in the park for many years “total run education” under the guidance of our core concept of kindergarten, children adhere to the “children” position, the school readiness throughout the course three years of kindergarten conservation education, establish and perfect the scientific mechanism of cooperative education activities with little join, follow the little join regularity, the basic principles of sustainability and comprehensive,Unify concept with family and primary school, realize education consensus reached by kindergarten, school and family, and realize two-way and scientific connection between primary and secondary school.At the same time, it makes use of “diversified cooperation” to improve communication channels, expand educational resources and push online activities, so as to realize the establishment of a long-term mechanism and highlight the joint education of kindergarten, primary school and society, forming a distinct feature of “common embellishing education”.Garden in fully understand the parents of school readiness is puzzled problems and on the basis of the opinions, help parents master between infant scientific method, effectively relieve parents anxiety, help children fully understand primary school life, prepared to physical and mental preparation, preparation, social life, learning to four aspects, with full of confidence into primary school gate.In the future, Heping No. 5 Primary School will further strengthen cooperation with Heping District Central Primary School around the work of “linking young and young”, realizing the goal of sharing ideas, complementing each other’s advantages and achieving common improvement, and helping children make a healthy and happy transition to primary school.(Jinyun news reporter Zhao Yingyan) statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: jpbl@jp.jiupainews.com

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