Delicious fun, interesting material…Visit the largest Shaanxi Cuisine Culture museum in China

Shaanxi, with its vast territory and abundant resources, has given birth to the oldest Chinese cuisine, Shaanxi cuisine.As shan cuisine the leading brand of xi ‘an restaurant of the site in the east avenue luxuriant return with a fresh image and model is to protect the city’s taste buds memory was standing in the Middle East street chrysanthemum HuaYuanKou founded in 1929, xi ‘an restaurant used to be many old xi ‘an life testimony of the key nodes of important reception, banquet, happy family reunion dinner…It marks the evolution of the city,Record cultural inheritance with profound and comprehensive food become the unforgettable memories deep in the bottom of my heart xi ‘an restaurant of old photo as a “landmark of integrating ecology diet culture” the first batch of intangible cultural heritage protection unit finalists in shaanxi xi ‘an restaurant is the witness of city change after a long moment of xi ‘an restaurant of head office in Chinese context inheritance, east street food intangible skill of shan cuisineThe drinking Culture Parlor and Shaanxi Cuisine Cultural Experience Museum show the world the original intention of “ingenuity spirit” immersion experience with practical actions. The most distinctive feature of Xi ‘an Fanzhuang East Street main store, the source of national trend, is the first Shaanxi cuisine cultural experience museum in China carefully built.As the largest, most systematic and comprehensive thematic exhibition of Shaanxi cuisine culture in China, through popular science exhibition, research workshop and immersion catering, it makes a series of exquisite dishes out of books and historical records, and interprets the diversified diet culture and cultural deposits of Shaanxi.As the most cultural and story-telling cuisine in China, Shaanxi cuisine has achieved numerous delicacies over thousands of years, continuing the spirit of Shaanxi cuisine. The banquet of “Roast Tail Banquet” and “Zhou Bazhen” opened Qu Xiaowei’s eyes, and once again made people feel the temperament of “magnanimity, atmosphere, common and elegance” of Shaanxi cuisine.In order to let everyone feel the ups and downs of the development history of Shaanxi cuisine, immersive experience has become the biggest feature here.Watch the skills of Shaanxi cuisine, taste a taste of Huanggui thick wine from Xi ‘an Restaurant, smell the unique flavor of Shaanxi cuisine seasoning…By fully mobilizing the five senses, visitors can experience the eclectic and enduring Shaanxi cuisine.In addition to the high-tech interactive experience, the Shaanxi Cuisine Culture Experience Museum also recreates shaanxi cuisine culture through time-honored utensils.In the tea ceremony experience, we roll back to the Datang Dynasty 1,300 years ago, feel the “Datang Tea Ceremony palace tea ceremony”.In the antique wine fun link, you can feel the tang Dynasty qujiang flowing drink romance.When it comes to the origin, development, inheritance and innovation of Shaanxi cuisine, we have to mention the unique celebrities and famous restaurants of Shaanxi cuisine. They are like a window of Shaanxi cuisine culture, explaining the glory of Shaanxi cuisine to the whole country and the whole world.At the Shaanxi Cuisine Cultural Experience Museum, classic Shaanxi dishes such as “Tang Dynasty duck Feast” from the Time-honored Chinese Xi ‘an roast Duck restaurant, “Five Elements Feast” in Spring, and “Dumpling Feast” at Defa Chang make people’s eyes shine, and the dazzling new dishes also make Qu Xiaowei particularly hungry.Staff members said: “Shaanxi people in the new era, how to concentrate the essence of Shaanxi cuisine, inherit shaanxi cuisine skills, spread Shaanxi cuisine culture, let Shaanxi cuisine achieve high-quality development in innovation, is the common responsibility and long-cherished wish of all the sons and daughters of sanqin.I believe that with our joint efforts, shaanxi cuisine, a precious heritage of all human food culture, will bloom again.”Besides these, the Shaanxi Cuisine Cultural Experience Museum also has workshop experience area and cultural and creative area.Workshop experience area through in-depth experience of children workshop, research workshop, and more famous chefs of Xi ‘an restaurant on-site show shaanxi cuisine cooking, jointly create a unique style of immersion dining area, with the help of a new carrier, explore new culture.The cultural and creative zone retains the taste of traditional food with the production method of modern technology, giving everyone a “shaanxi taste that can be taken away”, which makes people remember more deeply.Have you not been addicted to the thick history of Shaanxi cuisine?Then go to shaanxi Cuisine Cultural Experience Museum to experience the profound charm of Shaanxi cuisine culture, experience the extraordinary skills of Shaanxi cuisine production, taste the taste of Shaanxi cuisine haina Baichuan Editor: Nanshi First review: Yingjie Final review: Wen Jing Produced by Xi ‘an Qujiang New District Rong Media Center

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