Cross-border trade continues to grow, and Our professional solutions fully meet the needs of e-commerce customers

According to statistics released by the customs not long ago, over the past year, imports and exports in China’s comprehensive bonded zone, pilot Free Trade zone and Hainan Free Trade port increased by 24.3%, 26.4% and 57.7% respectively, showing a momentum of booming cross-border trade.In the process of rapid development of cross-border industry, cross-border e-commerce enterprises need more professional services in capital settlement, overseas collection and other aspects.To this end, as a powerful payment technology company, Chinapay provides comprehensive cross-border payment solutions and a variety of products for cross-border e-commerce customers, aiming at their pain points, to help customers better expand the global market.As an excellent payment platform, it should not only ensure the security of capital and personal information in the process of capital transaction, but also enable customers to enhance the sense of trust and security of sellers.As a payment institution that meets the domestic and foreign compliance requirements and effectively guarantees the security of sellers’ funds, has excellent cross-border payment solutions and can bring intimate help to customers.Through its products such as “Overseas purchase”, “uPrimer Settlement”, “uPrimer Youmyhui” and “Huisurong”, Huisufu World provides cross-border e-commerce enterprises with foreign exchange purchase and settlement, capital settlement, overseas collection, customized account management, supply chain finance, digital operation and other services.Take uPrimer, the payment product of uPrimer, for example. UPrimer has a number of comprehensive advantages: its products are qualified for payment at home and abroad, ensuring the security and compliance of sellers’ funds;UPrimer provides one-stop cross-border payment services for sellers, including quick cash delivery, VAT payment, supplier payment, seller finance and sunshine tax payment, providing solutions for sellers’ needs throughout the cross-border industry chain.By connecting with high-quality overseas banking channels, uPrimer gradually builds its own foreign exchange capacity to solve the pain points of sellers’ opaque foreign exchange transaction prices, high commission payment costs, slow and incomplete payment, and help users better expand into the international market.Cash flow is very important for cross-border sellers, but many sellers face the problem of long payment collection cycle. As an enabling company in the financial field, CHINapuxia provides customers with financial products with high quota, no collateral, fast application and low cost.Solve sellers’ financing difficulties, borrowing difficulties and periodic lack of money problems.In addition, we also provide customers with overseas purchase products, aggregate receipt, customs push, cross-border settlement, customized financial management and tax and salary services, truly ensuring compliance and efficiency at the same time.At present, China’s cross-border trade shows a trend of continuous growth. We provide professional solutions to fully meet the needs of e-commerce customers, and have been widely praised and affirmed by customers.

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