Chenzhou Yongxing: Koi rural revitalization demonstration village project officially started

February 16, Yongxing County Koi rural revitalization demonstration village project held a groundbreaking ceremony.The project will be constructed by Tianjin Polaris International Travel Service Co., Ltd. with an investment of about 350 million yuan, and the construction period is expected to be 5 years.Relying on jinli Village’s beautiful clear water Danxia resources and location advantages, the Jinli Rural revitalization Demonstration Village project vigorously implements the plan of “cultural travel, remember old houses, homesickness and art boost rural revitalization”, with the development concept of “natural aesthetics + local culture” and the principle of not damaging the overall rural landscape.We should abandon large-scale demolition and construction, adhere to ecological protection, make use of old villages and houses, beautify the living environment, promote cultural culture, develop rural industries, build demonstration villages for rural revitalization that integrate cultural tourism and leisure, natural aesthetics, recreation and vacation, wild and luxurious camping, and consumption of agricultural products, and create “cultural tourism card of rural revitalization”.The total investment of the project is 350 million yuan, with 50 million yuan planned to be invested this year. The Dongtou Hill Wild luxury Camp project will be completed on July 1st and officially put into operation.County CPPCC Chairman Li Linghua announced the start of the project, county Party Committee standing Committee, county propaganda minister Zhang Xu presided over the ceremony.County CPPCC vice chairman Chen Shengfan attended the ceremony.Author: Guo Yan-yan, Editor: Li Yanju (intern) Source: Yongxing Rong Media Center

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