Big Eyebrow injury report updated!Silver lining: Will miss at least two weeks

Bryant sprained his ankle in the lakers’ victory over Utah yesterday, but fortunately, it’s better than it looks.ESPN reported that sources said Brow’s sprained right ankle will keep him out for at least two weeks, with a timetable to be determined.There’s a lot of swelling in the ankle after the sprain.In the second quarter of the game, He stepped on Gobert’s foot and twisted his ankle, bending it 90 degrees in a terrifying look that was painful.A stretcher was called and he was eventually carried away by teammates Dwight Howard and Deandre Jordan.Eyebrow underwent preliminary medical tests in the arena, which showed no structural damage and came back negative.Coach Chuck Vogel revealed he will undergo an MRI today and the team will re-evaluate him medically after the All-Star break.Lebron revealed that Eyebrows left on crutches after the game. “It was gut-wrenching to see AD go down like that. I hope he’s okay.His health is the most important thing for him personally and for us as a team.I wish him the best.”Vogel revealed that Brows was upset at half-time because he knew he would be out for a while.But now it’s not as bad as it looks.

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