“24 Solar terms seventy-two Seasons” explains the unique poetic life aesthetics of Chinese people

“Spring thunder, all things grow.”At the start of spring, the countdown video of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Winter Olympic Games, featuring 24 solar terms, presented a “song of spring” full of Chinese cultural significance to hundreds of millions of viewers around the world.After 10 years of writing and polishing, the book “the 24 Solar Terms and the 72 Pentates” by xu Lijing and Xu Dongdong has been officially published by Citic Press.The book by paying equal attention to more than 140 exquisite Chinese abstract paintings, nearly 80 beautiful exquisite article text, from the Angle of view describes the twenty-four solar terms of seventy-two hou wonderful system of grand and subtle, illustrates this system behind the way of heaven and earth and the love of all life, fully expressed the new thinking of Chinese excellent traditional culture new feeling.Seventy-two seasons, the ancient twenty-four solar terms, became the carrier of the author’s exploration of the cosmic world and cultural evolution, and also became the entry point of his understanding of nature and life.The 24 solar terms are one of the most representative quintessence and classics of Traditional Chinese culture. On November 30, 2016, it was officially listed in the representative Catalogue of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity of THE United Nations Educational And Cultural Organization.According to the author of this book, the seventy-two phenology of the twenty-four solar terms is not only a set of knowledge system about seasonal, climatic and phenological changes, but also a Chinese philosophy of time, as well as a unique Chinese philosophy and aesthetics of life.The book aims to break through the traditional perspective of understanding, and to introduce the cognition of the twenty-four solar terms and seventy-two phenology into the level of life view, to show the poetic life aesthetics of The Chinese people, to understand the source of the life energy of the Chinese people, and to tell the ancient Wisdom of China, the contemporary value of Chinese traditional culture and the world significance.It is understood that the text and painting of the book are original.Asked the authors to picture, picture writing, with “day” as the unit, carefully follow the footsteps of seasons, on each solar term and phenological interpretation, not only from the aspect of knowledge to explain, more combined with the own life experience and life experience, fine lapping enlightenment twenty-four solar terms seventy-two hou variable and magnificent life image of heaven and earth,Excavate the full life energy of the Chinese nation and give it a new interpretation of life aesthetics.The understanding of nature, the understanding of art, the understanding of life, blend together.Xu Lijing, the author of the book and deputy editor-in-chief of the Economic Daily, wrote in the preface: “When you walk in the 72 solar terms, you also walk in an extremely rich, colorful and profound cultural time and space.The ancient wisdom, philosophy and poetry of the Chinese nation are still alive and well after thousands of years, bringing us new inspirations and showing new values in a world undergoing profound changes unseen in a century.””Every life has its four seasons.Today, I am in awe and cherish every day and every moment of the four seasons.Each season of the seventy-second solar term carries my thoughts on heaven and earth and life. All the words are sincere expressions of the soul.”Painting, with international art language innovation show the graph is one of the authors of Chinese culture, the national level artists, member of Chinese artists association of winter is very precious, contemporary Chinese abstract painting masters of winter for eight years, created “the twenty-four solar terms, seventy-two hou” series of paintings, in this book is the first time,The painting paper, which embodies the artist’s life, meets readers for the first time in its most authentic state.This is the first to complete Chinese abstract painting language described twenty-four solar terms seventy-two hou series of artistic creation, to rice paper, brush as the carrier, the unique color and texture, with the innovation of international painting language close to Chinese culture and Chinese wisdom, the twenty-four solar terms seventy-two hou “old tree” the era of the “branches” of culture.The appreciation of these paintings has become an important source of understanding the four seasons and the 72 pentads of the 24 solar terms.”Twenty-four solar terms, seventy-two hou” series of paintings of winter through nearly 50 years exploration of art career, created the unique style of Chinese abstract painting genre, the painting language of traditional Chinese painting and western painting, impression abstract painting, in the 24 solar terms, hou seventy-two series paintings and reached a peak.He insisted on forward-looking thinking and explaining the regular role of Chinese excellent culture in the historical process of China’s going to the world from a global perspective in the context of the great changes in the integration of eastern and western cultures.He confessed his creation intention is to twenty-four solar terms seventy-two hou as the carrier, the Chinese abstract painting one step ahead, in a new dimension of thinking and abstract painting language of sinicization, forming a fine culture of east and west of Chinese abstract logical thinking, the resulting China’s new culture, will promote the construction of the scientific system of China’s modernization and industrialization, urbanization,To support the future of global development change and the recognition of cultural values.There are two main lines running through the book’s observation of the four seasons, no matter which season it falls in. One is the change of Yin and Yang, and the other is the love of heaven and earth for all living things.Xu Dongdong wrote in his creation talk:”Creation” twenty-four solar terms, seventy-two hou “of eight years, time really flies, but the moment there is no waste, miss the time of the each throttle bring blessings, made a good each hou moved moment, miss in the change of seasons, artistically value of cosmic life philosophizing, good more philosophical insight in the true, the good and beautiful pursuit for life.”The book brings together a number of famous scholars from different fields to explain the historical and practical significance of the 24 solar terms and the 72 Pentads from the perspectives of culture, art, science and philosophy, helping people to understand the contemporary value of this ancient system.Writer and scholar wang meng said in the book recommended sequence, the essence of the Chinese culture is the realm of heaven and earth, pay attention to nature and humanity, imitating the nature, and the different, mei-mei together, in the 24 solar terms seventy-two hou, we see the universe, the eyes of the elders each phenological life is precious, and the world as a whole, a system.Therefore, the 24 solar terms and the 72 pentates are the intangible cultural heritage of mankind. The cosmology and outlook on life contained in it are very remarkable, with modernity and even post-modernity. It is of great significance today and in the future, as well as globally.”Thanks to this book,” wang Meng says, “we have suddenly rediscovered a spiritual gem that had been dormant for a long time, forgotten and neglected for thousands of years. It has become radiant, heart-warming and vibrant again.The Chinese Dream opens the door to another culture. We, striding on the road of socialist modernization, are connected with the Chinese calendar culture that has lasted for thousands of years.”In addition, the Chinese Academy of Engineering, the China Meteorological Administration climate change special adviser to ding, tsinghua university institute of classics of the institute, Chinese philosophy President Chen, the principal qi-kun xue, member of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the south university of science and technology are involved in this book of dialogs, meteorology, philosophy, from different dimensions, such as quantum physics scientific exposition of the practical significance of the 24 solar terms seventy-two hou,Profound and inspiring.

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